Remains Of The Aleppo Exodus: 13 Photos Showing The Striking Results Of The Explosion!


Syrian government's aggressive prompt to reclaim Aleppo has caused a mass exodus of civilians. Rescue workers state that the recent bombing killed more than 45 people including mostly women and children. There were survivors who managed to flee from front line areas. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights state the toll of the attack at 26.

Photo Credit: Aleppo Media Center via EPA

1. Syrian families, fleeing eastern Aleppo, carry their belongings towards government-controlled western Aleppo on Nov. 29.

2. Syrian families fleeing eastern Aleppo line up to board government buses heading to government-controlled western Aleppo on Nov. 29.

3. Syrian pro-government forces drive past Syrians who fled eastern Aleppo in Masaken Hanano, a former rebel-held district which was retaken by regime forces last week, on Nov. 30.

4. Displaced Syrian families flee a devastated neighborhood in eastern Aleppo on Nov. 29.

Thousands of people had to leave their homes after the incident.

5. Bodies lie on the ground in bags after a bombing in the rebel-held Jibb al-Quebeh neighborhood of Aleppo on Nov. 30.

6. Syrians evacuated from eastern Aleppo, along with a Russian soldier, left, and a Syrian government soldier, second from right, reach out for Russian food aid in the government-controlled Jibreen area of Aleppo on Nov. 30.

7. Bodies are carried away like trade goods on wheelcarts...

8. Syrians who fled eastern Aleppo keep warm by a fire under a shelter in the government-controlled Jibreen area of Aleppo on Nov. 30.

9. A Syrian boy, who fled with his family from rebel-held areas in the city of Aleppo, sits on Nov. 30, at a shelter in the government-controlled area of Jibreen.

10. The very ugly side of war: Children...

Click to see.

11. A soul-wrenching photo showing a young Syrian man mourning after his unimaginable loss.

12. Displaced Syrians sit around a fire on Nov. 30 in Jibreen, east of Aleppo.

The aerial footage of the area shows the actual damage. Not so much a city anymore, Aleppo... : (

13. The only thing people of Aleppo can do: Leave and survive this death zone...

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