Pull Down Your Pants! 'Naked Attraction' Is Looking For New Contestants!


If you're looking for love and fancy getting your kit off in front of television, you'd better apply for Naked Attraction 2019!

The Channel 4' "Naked Attraction" is back and looking for people to strip off on television!

If you're looking for a love and brave enough to pull down your pants, you can apply.

The show's purpose is simple: he premise is simple: a person chooses a date based on what someone looks like naked.

The bodies of the contestants are unveiled in stages, starting with their feet and moving gradually upwards, with someone being eliminated from the competition at the end of each reveal. 
Potential couples is allowed to pick their other half by looking person's privates!

Contestants have to be aged 18 or over and be brave enough to go completely naked in front of the whole nation!

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