Prepare Your Eyes! 19 Celebrities Who Got ''The Sexiest Man Alive'' Award!

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People magazine recently announced the winner of "The Sexiest Man Alive." Before we let you know who the winner is, let's have a look at 19 of the previous winners. 😍

Denzel Washington - 1996

The actor who started acting with the movie Carbon Copy has won two Golden Globes and one Oscar.

Harrison Ford -1997

He is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. His first movie was Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round in 1966. His last film was Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Han Solo in 2015. He is a must have to be on the list!

Richard Gere - 1999

Hollywood star Gere, who has acted in over 40 films, started his acting career with Looking for Mr. Goodbar. However, he is mostly famous for his shiny gray hair!

Brad Pitt - 1995 and 2000

The newly single Brad Pitt has been selected twice. He started his successful career with Thelma & Louise and has won many awards.

Pierce Brosnan - 2001

Well, it is obvious how this 63-year-old successful actor is attractive! He is getting younger and younger! His first tv appearance was in 1979 and in 2016 he was in 4 films.

Ben Affleck - 2002

Of course, the Batman was one of those picked as "The Sexiest Man Alive."

Jude Law - 2004

This British handsome man should be on the list!

Matthew McConaughey - 2005

We think the reason why this 47-year-old actor is on the list is his Irish roots!

George Clooney - 1997 and 2006

He should be on this list every year! 😍

Matt Damon - 2007

An Oscar-winning actor. Plus good looking. Of course, he is on the list!

Hugh Jackman - 2008

Our lovely Wolverine deserves to be on the list!

Johnny Depp - 2003 and 2009

Even though there are bad rumors out there about him, he still got that award twice!

Ryan Reynolds - 2010

We have recently seen him in Deadpool and we loved it! He must be on the list!

Bradley Cooper - 2011

We would have been surprised if he wasn't on the list!

Channing Tatum - 2012

A model + an actor = A hottie called Channing Tatum!

Adam Levine - 2013

The handsome vocalist of Maroon 5 with a cool style; Adam Levine deserves to be on the list!

Chris Hemsworth - 2014

He better be on the list! An Aussie hottie stepped into the acting with Star Trek and won our hearts as Thor.

David Beckham - 2015

He has been rising since he left his soccer career... He doesn't get old, he gets more and more attractive as he's one of the sexiest men alive.

Dwayne Johnson - 2016

The winner of the year: aka The Rock!

He is also the highest paid actor according to Forbes.


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