One More Taboo Down: A Lacy And Sexy Underwear Brand For Men!


Are lace, tulle and satin only wearable by women? This question led an extraordinary designer to create an outstanding and original underwear line for men. We promise it's like nothing you ever seen before... Let's check it out.

Menagerié is a brand that creates fancy underwear for men.

It was created 2 years ago by Roman Sipé, a 27 year-old designer living in Los Angeles.

The same style of underwear has been produced since the 80s, but they are under the "fantasy" category and mostly enjoyed by gay men and cross-dressers.

Those were usually women's underwear adapted for the male body.

These designs are claimed to be more masculine.

"Of course they will be used for other purposes, but my designs aren't an erotic shop product. I want to destroy the taboos and create a niche market in this field" says Roman Sipé.

The brand's target market is mainly heterosexual men.

The designer says "Many of my friends are women. I ask them what they would think if they saw a man wearing this kind of underwear and they say it's very sexy!"

"In the past, men wouldn't talk about what they wore, it's not like that anymore. There are men who are in peace with their feminine side and who want to wear nice things" adds the designer.

The brand describes itself as new, different, romantic, lustful and luxurious.

It looks like this brand will lead to the breaking down of another taboo in mens fashion by expanding it's product line constantly.

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