North Korea Just Banned SARCASM!!


What could be the biggest fear of a dictator drunk with power? The answer might be related to not being taken seriously. Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, banned being sarcastic in the country. What's next, making jokes?

Or maybe Kim didn't like the jokes his people were making and banned them. Or, he just wanted to be the funniest of all. I'm just kidding. I wouldn't make it 5 minutes out of jail if I lived in North Korea...

Kim Jong-un hates sarcastic people, so he banned sarcasm in North Korea.

He might be afraid of something.

Hmm what could it be?

Sarcasm is meaning the opposite of what you're actually saying, for all the dummies out there.

Now you can go to jail if you are sarcastic.

In a country where you can't directly criticize your leader even in your dreams, now you can't criticize indirectly either.

Think twice before you open your mouth, because Kim's more important than you. (Oops accidental sarcasm again!)

It's stated that a government official organized a meeting to describe what 'hostile manner' means.

To sump up, Kim wants his people to shut up.

People say Kim thinks that people indirectly criticized his policy of blaming everything on the USA.

So, now it's illegal.

Meanwhile, rebellion of the people looks bigger than it's shown to be. Lately, a lot of graffiti art making fun of the government policies has been spotted in North Korea.

This one is to just to give you an idea of course, it's from Ireland.

Well, we keep saying "North Korea" but that's banned too.

You have to say "Democratic People's Republic of Korea." We are not trying to be sarcastic, it's actually a thing.

We're curious what Kim is going to do next...

(Kim laughing at a not sarcastic joke)

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