Modern Hippies Escaping The Modern Life: Rainbow Gathering


No matter where you are in the world, life is difficult. In the U.S, racism is a big issue, Europe has it's civil problems, Middle East is hell already. Even the Norwegians have problems; depression being a big problem for them.

Let's put all these aside now. Canadian photographer Benoit Paillé got permission to take photos of a special group who normally hate their pictures being taken. Take a deep breath, lay back and witness how a different world is possible and how relaxing it is to see people in their natural habitats.

Here are the people of the Rainbow Gathering.

1. Financial difficulties, communication webs getting faster and more overwhelming everyday with the advances in technology, pollution, wars, unstable social relations, etc. You're fed up, right?

2. The Rainbow Gathering, made of people who have been coming together since 1972 under the name ''rainbow meetings,'' and who live away from all these problems and stressers.

3. The purpose of this gathering, which has already become a tradition, is the same as the hippies' in the 70s: Peace, love and harmony.

4. They meet on certain dates and certain places. No matter which country they meet in, they always choose to get together in the woods.

5. Spain, Mexico and Canada are just some of the countries where these gatherings take place. To join these gatherings, you don't have to be a citizen of a particular country, enroll in anything, or bring any documents.

6. Because here, everybody is family! They trust and help each other, but they never interfere with each other.

7. Some join the gatherings as a family, while others choose to go single and if so, they don't deal with anyone and just hang out.

8. Not all who join these gatherings are lunatic hippies! They have careers and want to get away from the stress of the city life and rest their souls.

9. Breathing in the air that flows through trees, not the air of the ac or the exhaust... Feeling the cold in your bones...

10. Just like our ancestors, they pick up plants for feeding and make fire, making effort to keep warm. It's like going back to the beginning!

11. Think about it; no notification sound, no alarm, no burglar alarm... being away from all the fears and stress. There is only the blue sky above when you fall asleep.

12. How happy are we to raise kids that don't know the soil or what kind of a tree fruits come from?

13. Do you really think that it's possible to give your children organic care with the expensive vegetables you buy from organic markets?

14. These people not only found peace with each other, but have almost created it with their hands.

15. Young people from cities also join these gatherings to remember what it's like to be human and get away from evaluating their value with their success, competition and ambition.

16. Religion, language, race, gender, sexual orientation... There is no discrimination at all!

17. Because they understood one thing very clearly in their heaven like environment: The purest way of being human is to become one with nature, speak its language and play by its rules, not fight it.

18. One traditional ritual they have is to pray for world peace when they come together!

19. We hope that your prayers will be accepted and that peace comes to us all dear Rainbow Gathering.

20. We thank these people, who normally don't like their photographs taken, for giving such great poses just this once.
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