Mind Boggling Dating Show Where Contestants Just Show Up Naked


It's just like the old MTV days... Young people taking their clothes off on air... This show brings men and women where they can take a look at each other's private parts to see if they should be dating or not.

WARNING: Obviously 18+ and NSFW

Naked Dating is the craziest part in 'Kyle and Jackie O Show's on KIIS FM.


Actually, it's just a dating program; but contestants are naked. Men and women who are looking for a partner evaluate each other by their bodies.

The first date starts with contestants evaluating each other's naked bodies. ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜…


At first a man and woman enters the studio but they have robes on.


Not naked JUST YET.

Um, and then they start taking their clothes off one by one...


The soon to be-couples assess each other's private parts to see if they're fit for each other.


This must be the world's fastest and most effective dating show.


Of course, these are all happening on a national radio program and internet.


This reminds us the old MTV days.


Well, sometimes the couples don't like each others' bodies...


For instance, this guy was turned down because he's actually bold. He's wearing a wig. It's surprising she looked at his hair in a situation like this.

And grande finale!

Click to see.

Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

Some stories end in a very booty-call like happy ending as you might tell.

Click to see.

This couple might be going straight to a motel room.ย 

If you're curious about the show and want to check out the Instagram page,
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