Messages From Our Subconscious? The Strongest Theories on Dreams Revealed!


Dreams have always been mysterious. It's been 4500 years since the first dream ever recorded, the source still hasn't been found. 

In this article, we have generally explained 5 strongest theories on dreams.

Dreams are prophecies of the unconscious.

Since our job is science, when it comes to prophecies it doesn't necessarily mean mystic. Because the prophecies in dreams are scientific.

Let me explain this: During the day, we think many things about the future. Such as ''it is cold, I shouldn't be sick'.' This way, we evaluate the possibilities considering the present circumstances.

Dreams are considered as tools to realize these prophecies.

There is no daily rush, no sound, and no worry. Our brain is completely shut down from distractions. This way, it analyzes every situation we have been through during the day, even the ones we don't realize, and represents us through dreams. 

This also explains the real side of dreams. Because we make rational processes subconsciously, it is possible that we behave accordingly. For instance, it is not surprising to say that you'll be sick and then actually be sick but it always sounds mysterious when you dream you are sick and then actually become sick.

Dreams tell you what decisions to make.

Actually, this theory is a different version of the theory above. Especially, when you need to make an important decision, your subconscious starts working on the process during your sleep and presents the best option through a dream.

Dreams are the ways to connect your subconscious.

Sigmund Freud says that dreams are messages from the subconscious. He sees dreams as doors to your subconscious activities and  Freud interpreted dreams as wish-fulfillment.

On the other hand, Carl Jung interpreted dreams as having come beyond the conscious awareness and they create a better understanding of our environment with partly universal but mostly personal symbols. For instance, a person running away from you in your dream can be interpreted as missing an opportunity. 

It can be said we are able to understand ourselves and our environment better with a little help from dreams.

Dreams are information storages.

This theory involves all the others. However, the difference is that it completely supports the rational side of dreams. For instance, the experts claim that by dreaming we release our emotional concerns, how much we care about people, our stress, and similar problems.

Dreams are the moving images of memories.

The experts have been researching how dreams strengthen the memory. It has been explained that dreams are the combination of different memories and this situation is strange to us as aliens. We still have to try to figure out how different memories come out as an edited new memory in dreams.

This theory includes learning besides memory.

In an experiment, participants are asked to find their way inside a labyrinth. Then they are asked to sleep. It is observed that participants who had dreams during sleep are more likely to find their ways faster. 

There is also a similar experiment on birds. Birds are not able to sing when they are born, they need to learn it. As scientists observed birds' dreams, they realized that the neurons during dreams are the same with the neurons during birds singing. Even though we can't ask birds about their dreams, the research proves that they also dream.

To sum up, we can't ever be 100% sure of the meanings of dreams, but there are still many theories to focus on.

Let's see if the science will be able to explain this mysterious in the future!

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