Men Have Started Injecting Botox Into Their Balls, And It’s More Common Than You Might Think


Yes, “scrotox” is here, which means men are injecting botox into their testicles. So, the world needs to hear about it. For all these years, people have been judgmental of women who got their nose or boobs or hips done, but recently men have proved that they’re in the plastic surgery game too!

The number of men who undergo plastic surgeries to look better is growing each day.

But that wasn't the case before. In the past, it was believed that plastic surgery was a thing only for celebrities.

Men mostly preferred nose and ear jobs, along with hair transplantation. But now there’s a new trend.


Or as George Clooney puts it: scrotum ironing. He did it before it was cool. In 2013, he revealed that he 'ironed out' his scrotum.

He said that although he hasn't gotten work done on his eyes, he did have work done to stretch the skin of his testicles to make them smooth.

Scrotox works in the same as regular botox: It reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

...and makes them appear larger by relaxing the muscles.

"People are definitely asking about it, talking about it," says Dr. Evan Rieder, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, and psychiatrist at NYU Langone Medical Center.

"It's not a novel concept, but it's new in that people are actually doing it." Dr. Rieder says.

"Especially over the past couple of years, men have become more comfortable asking—not only dermatologists but plastic surgeons and urologists—about the appearance of their bodies, including the penis and scrotum."

The procedure is relatively simple: Doctors apply a topical cream to numb the area and inject the testicle skin.

This is done multiple times in the selected area, with Botox from a fine needle, as it would be done to a creased forehead or a smattering of crows feet around the eye.

The downtime is virtually non-existent, and Dr. Rieder says that it will set you back around $1,000.

It is a pain-free procedure, and you can do it again when the effects eventually wear off.

Another doctor, Dr. Seth Cohen, a colleague at NYU Langone Medical Center says "I tell my patients that it could potentially affect their sperm count."

He notes that your scrotum contracts and expands to help regulate temperature for optimal health for your little guys. While these are temporary results, if you're actively seeking to have children, Cohen suggests staying away from the needle.

Well, it's up to you to decide what to do with your little guys, guys. But if you ask us, well, don't ask us.

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