Meet 'Silicon Samantha,' The World's First Sex Robot With A G-Spot!

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An artificially intelligent sex robot with a fully functioning g-spot has been unveiled. Yes, you heard it right. According to Daily Mail, a Spanish engineer created a doll that has sensors that respond in different modes, such as, family, lover, sexy, depending on where you touch her. Of course, this isn't the first time the Spanish people made something like this, there was recently a brothel that opened in Barcelona which was filled with sex dolls. If you haven't already, check out that post too.  


The Sex Doll Brothel, Which Opens In Barcelona, Is Out Of This World -

Samantha was created by engineer Sergi Santos, from Barcelona. The most interesting thing is that this artificially intelligent sex robot has a fully functioning g-spot.

Each life-like silicon 'RealDoll' has customized genitalia and interchangeable faces. 

Standard dolls, which come with the choice of 18 female body types, or two male figures, start at $6,500 (£5,251) while more specific creations start at an eye-watering $12,000 (£9,693).

The AI bot, which has dark brown hair and piercing green eyes, is even capable of 'emotional closeness,' according to engineer Sergi Santos, from Barcelona. She has sensors covering the doll's hips, shoulders, vagina, and mouth.

McMullen's RealDoll was created with a high-grade silicone, which retains heat and allows for a 'more realistic feel and greater elasticity,' according to the company's website.

The flexible skeleton also means clients can bend the doll however they like.

The figures are even fitted with a hinged jaw, with 'soft, stretchy lips, ultra soft tongue, soft silicone teeth.'

The doll is fitted with artificial intelligence and is even capable of 'emotional closeness,' according to its inventor.

The robot speaks in an American accent and says sexual phrases such as 'I'm on for you all the time', 'nice and gentle' and 'now then, what's next?'

'She has different modes of interaction – she has romantic, she has family and she has also sexy modes.'

'She can also respond to the hands, so basically, the hands are family, the romantic, the hips are family and romantic and basically the spots where she feels sexy would be the mouth and the G-spot.

'The objective, the final objective of the sexual mode is to give her an orgasm.'

In February, the sex doll company launched a robotic sex assistant that can form emotional bonds with its users. The company is set to release their sex assistant app, the Harmony AI app, in April this year and a virtual reality sex system next year.

Matt McMullen, the CEO of RealDoll, told Digital Trends: 'We are developing the Harmony AI system to add a new layer to the relationships people can have with a Realdoll.'

'Many of our clients rely on their imaginations to a great degree to impose imagined personalities on their dolls.'

'With the Harmony AI, they will be able to actually create these personalities instead of having to imagine them.'

'They will be able to talk to their dolls, and the AI will learn about them over time through these interactions, thus creating an alternative form of relationship.'

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