Meet Ryan James: The Man Who Knows What Women Really Want!


Some men tend to be very ignorant when it comes to understanding the requests of women during sex. How about the professionals who are doing this job to earn a living? We would like to introduce you to Ryan James, who is working as an escort. He is a professional, working to please his women customers.

1. Ryan James earn his living through a job that many men dream of!

2. He is an escort!

3. Many men wish to be in his position while Ryan earns money doing this dream job.

4. One of his favorite activities is skiing.

From what we've heard, he's quite successful at it!

5. He earns between 400 and 6,000 dollars on each night you spend with him.

His price range varies according to the services he provides.

6. What do women want in bed? Ryan has some answers for you...

According to Ryan James, women do not enjoy men who finish quickly just to please themselves. They prefer men who prioritize the requests of the women.

7. Ryan claims that his customers are different than the men who prefer to be with escort women.

Because women prefer to form emotional relationships, Ryan treats them as his friends. Ryan believes that women prefer him for friendship alongside his services. Certainly, women call Ryan to have sex. However, they also enjoy spending time talking to him.

8. "They can go to a pub and easily find one-night stands."

Ryan states that the women he has been with are attractive enough to find one night stands. However, these women prefer to experience something new with Ryan. You don't get to meet guys who wear suspenders naked at a bar!

9. Many of his customers are either newly divorced or married but unhappy with their sexual life.

These women see Ryan as an alternative to solve their problems and find the intimate sex they look forward to!

10. Ryan has a wide customer profile.

Ryan states that the youngest of his customers is 20 years old. Most of Ryan's customers are over their 20s.

11. There are people who request group sex. There are also virgins.

Many types of different people get in touch with Ryan to have sex. There are couples who would like to try group sex. There are even virgin women who would like to be with Ryan for their first time.

12. Ryan tries his best to reply to all of these customer requests.

We haven't had a chance to try out his performance however there must be a reason for him to be that famous. His clothing style proves that he can do anything to please his customers.

13. Ryan enjoys popping a champagne bottle!

Ryan believes that you have to firmly shake the champagne before popping it!

14. "Pre-ejaculation kills the moment!"

Well, this is what Ryan's customers are saying. The timing is important. Ryan also adds that women enjoy attention more than realizing their sexual fantasies. He believes that this is the reason behind why women choose him.

15. His services include having date nights.

Ryan sometimes enjoys a 4 hour long dinner with his customers. He attends parties and operas.

16. Ryan believes that women looking for escorts is still not considered something normal. Many women have to hide this experience.

However, some women are incredibly genius at paying for their sexual pleasures.

17. "Any women who goes to a bar can go back home with someone."

Ryan is confident about his professionalism through sex. He states that an escort can provide you with the experience you've been looking for.

18. He provides a service called the "Fifty Shades of Grey Experience" where a master-slave roleplay is involved.

Ryan claims that many women don't actually know what they want in bed and they require some assistance.

19. We would like to say congrats to this guy who adores his profession!

If you would like to get in touch with Ryan you can check out his website here!

P.S: You have to travel to Australia for his private services 😉

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