Here Are 14 Things That Women Who Live Alone Can Tell You!

> Here Are 14 Things That Women Who Live Alone Can Tell You!

Independent women who live on their own. They develop their strength from struggle of life and don't give up on things they want. Every obstacle is an opportunity to get stronger. Inspiring for all of us, right?

1. You have to deal with everything alone.

The shoulders you're gonna cry on are far far away. You have to keep it together at all times.

2. Your neighbors, family, friends... Basically everyone try to set you up with guys.

Can't you see, I'm okay on my own.

3. You're your own security guard.

Living alone is tough but you got a way of dealing with this. Just don't forget to double check your door lock every night.

4. You know how to repair things around the house.

Sure, you are not the master of repairing stuff. However, you can easily fix the socket or change the light bulb. Easy peasy.

5. Your place is your own heaven.

You know where you put all your stuff. Every inch of that place is yours only. Sleeping on the couch? Dancing on the table? You name it.

6. You realized that cooking for one is nonsense. That's why you found comfort in frozen food.

Plus eating alone is not fun. You just eat stuff to survive through the day.

7. Even a smallest sound can make you walk around to check if anyone's inside your house.

Unfamiliar noises at night can make you uncomfortable. Your solution: leaving the TV on at night.

8. Guys might think that they can crash at your place anytime they want.

Well, not so fast.

9. They are also intimidated by the fact that you're a strong independent lady.

Guys sometimes prefer needy and fragile woman to feel powerful. When they come across an independent woman, they are challenged.

10. You live according to your own lifestyle choices.

Every inch of your place is decorated through your unique personal taste.That's why your place is sacred for you.

11. You have improved problem solving skills.

Through solving daily problems around your house, you get better at finding solutions to complications.

12. The hardest thing is to zip your own dress.

Can this be the hardest thing in this universe? One of the biggest downsides of living alone.

13. You do whatever you want, whenever you want. No rules.

You care about being independent. The only person you are responsible is yourself. You make your own decisions and that is a great thing.

14. You know that you don't have to be in a relationship to be happy.

The most precious realization. You feel most powerful when you are able to stand on your own!