Is Taylor Swift The Clone Of A Satanic Leader?


Yet another conspiracy theory that we love. Social media never disappoints us. Taylor Swift's resemblance to Zeena LaVey is the topic of the week. We gathered the details from Buzzfeed.


So, this is our girl Taylor Swift. You all know her.

And this is Zeena LaVey. You may not know her. She's not as famous as Taylor, but she's got an interesting story.

Zeena's also an American artist and musician. On the other hand, she's the daughter of Anton Szandor LaVey, one of the founders of the Church of Satan and she was the spokesperson of the church in between 1985 - 1990.

After she quit the Church of Satan, she accepted Sethianism, which's actually a religion from an Egyptian God that was later demonized. In an interview for Vice in 2012, Zeena said she believed that everything her father taught her was a lie due to the intervention of the god Seth. Zeena was already the high priestess of the Temple of Seth.

Nowadays, it's told that she believes in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. As you can tell, Zeena's gods are a little confused.


The resemblence between Zeena and Taylor has been debated on the internet for a while now.

Sizce Taylor Swift ve Zeena LaVey arasında bir bağ var mı?

Nowadays, if you can't sleep, you go on Twitter to write a conspiracy theory.

Taylor Swift, 1985'te çok tanınmış bir satanist olan Zeena Lavey'in DNA'sından klonlanmış.

They must have some kind of relationship, but we don't know how.

The resemblance is only from the appearance. Some people believe that Taylor Swift is the reincarnated version of Zeena, but this is not possible (if it was possible), since Zeena's still alive. Some people think that Taylor's a clone, and that's a completely different story on how Hollywood clones people. Some sane people think that it's a coincidence. We don't know.


People are already hunting satanic illuminati symbols in her music videos.

There are thousands of videos on Youtube explaining how they can be related.

According to a theory, Swift was replaced by the clone of LaVey by the Illuminati. We think that Taylor Swift just aged a little.

People resemble each other. It's natural. We've gotten used to these kinds of conspiracy theories, but they're still pretty interesting.

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