Introducing “Babypod,” The Device That Makes Babies Listen To Music In The Womb!


Technology keeps fascinating us with exciting inventions. When inserted to the vagina, this device makes it possible for the baby to clearly hear the music in the womb. How?? Keep reading.

Babypod was designed to make it possible for babies in the womb to hear music.

Designed for the purpose of strengthening the communication between mother and the baby, Babypod makes it possible for a mother to share the music she is listening to with the baby.

There are already plenty of parents who value playing music for their unborn child.

Parents usually think that the fetus can hear the music if it is played loudly in the room.

According to the researchers, this is not true.

Scientists think that fetuses cannot pick up sounds from the outside world clearly and this is where the Babypod comes into the scene.

The device aims to deliver the sound clearly to the baby.

While making this happen, it does not use loud volumes. The device only generates 54 decibels.

Here is the "How??" part you all have been wondering.

We mentioned that the device both plays music on low volume and the baby hears it clearly. We can hear you say "How??" at this point.

As seen in the demonstration, it works when the sound tip of the device is inserted into the vagina.

Traditionally, parents who want their baby to listen to music use the method seen in the picture.

According to the inventors, when the music device is inserted into the vagina, it creates more impact on the development of the baby and also has a positive effect on the intelligence of the baby.

Some experts are still doubtful of the device.

Some experts think that the device is not a good idea in terms of hygiene. They also think the traditional methods are useful enough and inserting the device in the vagina will not create extra benefits for the baby.

Some experts also think that instead of music, talking to the baby in the womb will be more beneficial.

It is a wide known fact that newly born babies can recognize the voices of their parents.

Experts say that using the device will not cause any disadvantages.

They state that as long as the mother pays attention to hygiene needs, using this device will not cause any harm.

You can find Babypod for $150 on this link.

Is it worth it? That is up to parents to decide.

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