In The Name Of Art: 13 Moments Of Climax Making Us Go Over Women Orgasm!


Professional photographer Albert Pocej has recently done a photography project that aimed to push the boundaries of the extraordinary. He took photographs of women experiencing orgasms. Pocej aimed to capture the highest point of the female orgasm with this project.

We thought that this project calls for sharing fun facts about female orgasms that are left under the surface...

1. Laura.

Spending more time on foreplay increases the blood flow and makes your body more sensitive. It takes about 10-20 minutes of foreplay to a woman to be completely aroused.

2. Monika.

Dr. Leanna Wolfte, specialized in sexual intercourse, states that many women find it difficult to reach orgasm only by vaginal intercourse. The penetration is sometimes not enough to arouse the sensitive clitoris. 

According to Wolfte the solution is simple: Oral sex.

3. Agne.

An orgasm takes approximately 20 seconds and you may experience spasms each 0.08 seconds. The amount of these spasms can be increased through Kegel exercise.

4. Breta.

Fun fact: Labor can cause a sudden orgasm.

5. Laura.

You can actually start the orgasm in your mind. Sex therapist Gine Ogden states that orgasm is a combination of fantasizing, focusing on yourself and letting go.

6. Muza.

It seems that controlling your own voice has miraculous effects on your way to orgasms. In tantric sex, making high-pitched vocal sounds pulls sexual energy to your chest, throat and head while making low-pitched voices can pull sexual energy to the genital area.

Increase your voice to have an orgasm that covers all of your body...

7. Egle.

Researches show that 60% of women fake orgasms in bed. 

What is more interesting here is that 59% of men know the fact that they're faking it...

8. Loreta.

Women tend to reach orgasms easily when they have emotional bonds with their partner compared to women who are having sex casually.

9. Renata.

Women who possess higher stress levels are less aroused by physical interaction compared to those who have lower stress levels.

10. Sandra.

Approximately 10-15% women are unorgasmic, meaning unable to physically experience orgasms.

11. Neringa.

Doggie-Style is one of the most suitable positions for the female orgasm. This position causes the arousal of the G-spot and clitoris.

12. Giedre.

According to research in The American Medicine Journal, women who are between 80-99 years old can experience more strong orgasms compared to women who are younger than them.

13. Simona.

Ever wondered why you won't stop talking after an orgasm? The reason is nothing but the oxytocin hormone, also known as the happiness hormone.

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