How To Annoy People On A Daily Basis: 12 Useful Tips

> How To Annoy People On A Daily Basis: 12 Useful Tips

Let the little devil in you out. We all have the temptation inside. Here, you can find 12 useful tips to annoy your friends, colleagues, family or random people if you feel like being really weird. If you want to let the viciousness free, this guide is for you.

1. Pluck the hair off of the victim's arm.

While the victim is spacing out, concentrate on the longest hair on the victim's arm. After you determined which hair you like the best, approach like a hunter and pluck off the hair! With this evil behavior, you will succeed in getting the attention for a little while.

2. Instagram the victim's ugliest pictures.

2. Instagram the victim's ugliest pictures.

Do not have mercy! Instagram the pictures with the ugliest pose, close up, and tag it! Your malicious satisfaction is more important at this point.

3. Borrow the victim's phone charger and don't give it back.

Especially when the victim is a phone addict and checks it every 10 minutes. You are guaranteed to hear swear words from the victim all day long.

4. Arrive to the target location 40 minutes late. Turn off your phone in the process.

This way the victim will have a nervous breakdown while waiting for you. Mwahaha.

5. Reveal the victim's lie in front of his/her loved ones.

When the victim lies to his or her family by saying 'I can't come visit you this weekend,' join the conversation by saying 'Weren't we going to the baseball game this weekend?' Or when the victim says to his or her lover 'Don't worry baby, it's an all girls night,' scream in the background with your thickest voice. Why? Because we love mischief.

6. Convince the victim to get a bad hair style by acting like you love it.

You can also use this suggestion on the victim's fashion sense. Whatever you feel like.

7. If the victim is on a diet, eat everything and do it right in front of the victim.

If you know the victim's food preferences, it is advised to consume his/her favorite foods to enhance the suffering more.

8. Give out all the spoilers.

One of the greatest tortures of modern times. This is proven to work especially on Game Of Thrones fans.

9. Eat the last slice of the pizza without asking.

If the victim gets too aggressive, walk away slowly with the pizza in hand.

10. Ruin the victim's hair before he/she is going out.

10. Ruin the victim's hair before he/she is going out.

It will be even more fun if the victim took the time to style their hair. Just do it.

11. Steal the victim's favorite clothes.

Do it on the low. Best strategy is to pretend like you are cold and ask for the victim's sweatshirt, then take it home with you. Voila!

12. Finally, buy the victim more alcohol while he/she is already drunk. Let the victim sing on the table.

Well, raised the bar with this offer. Even we couldn't become eviler than this.