How Good Are You at Guessing Feminine Things?

> How Good Are You at Guessing Feminine Things?

So we prepared a quiz that only women can know or guess. But we also encourage men to try their best and find the delicate woman inside of themselves. Here we go!

1. What do you think is the percentage of women who wear the wrong bra size?

2. It’s scientifically proven that women…

3. How many pairs of shoes a woman own on average?!

4. A woman can get pregnant a week after sex.

5. Now… What is the approximate total duration for a woman to decide what to wear in her lifetime?

6. Who was the first sex to wear high-heel shoes?

7. Do you know the reason why women started to wear high-heels?

8. The question on everyone's minds… What is the daily average number of words spoken by women? (Hint: 13,000 more than men)

9. According to researchers, people who have the ability to multitask are usually …

10. When did women first compete in the Olympic Games?

11. Now pick the right sentence…

12. What about heart? Do women's hearts beat faster than men’s?

13. Finally, what is the percentage of women that describe themselves as “beautiful?”

You failed!

You failed!

Being fancy isn’t your thing! Because you are adventurous, ambitious and have a unique style. You don’t feel the need to prove yourself to anybody because you have a high self-esteem. Maybe you couldn’t guess our questions right, but your thing is to be different, so we can’t blame you! You’re the true definition of original! It’s really important for you to maintain good relationships with others and to reflect your true self. You just couldn’t get some of the questions right, so what?

You’re in progress..

You’re in progress..

You really care about emotions. You have a really naïve soul that you try not to hurt anyone. You get along with both men and women and accept everyone as they are. You don’t try to look feminine or masculine, you just act like you feel. That’s why you found our questions easy, but you didn’t put that much effort to answer them! That’s how you are after all, you don’t put effort to look masculine or feminine either!

Today’s winner!

Today’s winner!

You’re such a mature, independent and smart woman! You know how to act so much that everyone easily realizes your perfectness! You become an irreplaceable woman when you combine your style with your character. There’s nothing you can’t do as long as you have this glamour, knowledge and personality.