Hit The Road Jack! 23 Tips To Make Your Moving (Incredibly) Easier!


Some people like change. Constantly moving out, wandering, seeing new places and meeting new people. The secret of these people is that they own very few items. For those who can’t be that minimalistic, moving out can be a real nightmare. “What to put in which box? How to collect those? Everything is all around!” All this whining takes you to a point where you are totally unable to move.

You might ask “Well, you know there are professionals who offer this service. Why should we worry?” You are right but I should remind you that they are quite expensive.

So here is a list of useful tips to complete this difficult process and settle in quickly without making it a bigger deal than it already is.

1. It all starts with planning!

Even for a real small travel bag, planning makes it easier. So when it comes to moving out, you should definitely have a detailed plan with a calendar, telling you when to sort which room, and a list for the things you will throw away.

2. Boxes are easier to fill than to carry!

You can cut holding holes on two sides of the boxes. It will make carrying then way easier than you think.

3. You can carry soft items in XL garbage bags.

It is wiser to save the boxes for heavier and harder objects. For soft or flexible objects, garbage bags are better choice.

4. If you need to see what is inside the boxes...

Then you should buy these big clear plastic boxes. There are even wheeled ones for the largest sizes. You can use them to carry your kitchen / bathroom items, and its surface as a small table for the very first days of moving.

5. Roll-on luggages may come in handy for carrying heavy objects like books.

Carrying heavy things may be difficult. However, roll-on luggages can be really useful for such tasks. Besides, you won’t have to worry carrying the luggages separately. Everything will arrive already organized at your new place.

6. You should start consuming everything in fridge at least two weeks in advance!

Some people like keeping their freezer and fridge full. This could be a handicap when it comes to moving out. So what you should do is to stop shopping and put priority on finishing the things you have been storing in your fridge for weeks!

7. When it’s empty, you can plug the fridge off.

To let your freezer defrost and keep your fridge clean, plug it off 48 hours before moving out and when it reaches to room temperature clean all inside thoroughly. This will kill bacterias and won’t let them move out with you.

8. Be careful with mirrors and frames!

The best way to secure fragile objects such as mirrors, glasses etc. is to tape them with a masking tape as shown. Then you can wrap them with a blanket and put in their boxes without having to worry.

9. Speaking of breakables, don’t forget kitchen stuff!

Many kitchen items are also fragile. Plates for example: If you put disposable foam plates between your plates, you can minimize the risk of slipping or breaking.

10. Or you can wrap the plates with bubble wraps and place them upright in the box.

If you bubble-wrap your plates and keep them vertically side by side, you may avoid possible damages.

11. Don’t forget glasses after plates.

Double-wrap your glasses with newspapers before placing them in boxes. If you wish, you may also pack them in your thick socks.

12. The bottled ones, the most valuable ones!

Glass bottles usually contain liqueur so they are considered in valuables category. You may spare an entire box only for them in which you divide cells for each bottle by using thick cardboards, to protect them against any damage.

13. It’s easy to make a wardrobe box!

Without having to fold one by one, you can pack your clothes all together on their hangers. Just make holes on two sides of a box, and hang your clothes on a hard roll you will place across the box. Use one or two bags to keep all the hanging clothes together inside. You are good to go!

14. Vacuum-seal storage bags can save life!

Not only when you are moving, but also to keep your out-of-season clothes, vacuum-seal bags can help you to fit your clothes in less spaces.

15. Oh god, al the wires and their sockets...

Another nightmare when it comes to moving is to remember  every single wire and their connections behind your electronics such as TV. All you need to do to save yourself a lot of time is to take a few photos with your smartphone.

16. Not everything comes with an IKEA guide!

I am sure you are also not keeping assembly instructions of the table you bought years ago. That’s why you should disassemble the parts one by one, and pack every single small part separately in small bags with the name of the item they belong to.

17. Use towels for the breakables!

I am sure you have some old towels you are planning to get rid of. You can make a good use of them in moving. Use them to cover your electronics as another safety layer, especially if you think they are still not safe in their boxes.

18. Don't let your bed get dirty!

Blankets and sheets are washable. What about your bed? There is no way to wash it. That’s why you may cover your bed with a few elastic-fitted sheets for the big day. So if anything bad happens to it, all you have to do is to throw your sheets away.

19. Small things are troublemakers!

Sudden disappearing of accessories during moving is a real pain in the B, especially for women. Why don’t you just remove the toilet papers and egg carton from your expendables list and use them for packing your accessories.

20. Other troublemakers: Cosmetics!

Another potential trouble for women is leakage, spillage or breakage of their make-up materials. As shown in the photo, placing a little piece of cotton pad on your cosmetics can ensure them to arrive safely at your new place.

For the liquids, covering bottle openings with a plastic seal before closing their caps will protect you against any disaster of leakage.

21. You can wrap up the things with plastic seals to keep them intact.

Instead of emptying every single drawer and packing their contents separately, covering them with plastic seals can help you to save space and time.

22. Most Importantly: Labelling all the boxes!

Don’t forget to label all your boxes with the warning signs like "This side Up ⬆" or "Fragile" as well as what room they belong to. This is very important for you and your moving company.

Also, you should label all the sides of the boxes including the tops and bottoms.

23. And keep in mind that you won’t be able to unpack all the boxes in the first day!

To spend first a few nights without any trouble, make yourself a bag or box containing the essentials and take it with you.

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