Here Is The New Wedding Trend: Ombre Dresses!


It is an undeniable fact that white wedding dresses will never become obsolete; however, there is a great number of people who want to spice up this traditional gown.

In this new trend that we came across on BoredPanda, not only the bride's hair, flowers and shoes, but also the wedding dress itself becomes colorful! 👰 Here are 19 examples:


1. Color lovers, we have a surprise for you!

White wedding dresses are still trendy. They are a classic!

2. However this new trend will make those who want to go beyond the traditional white and add a little color very happy.

3. Ombre wedding dresses!


4. 👯👯👯

The word "ombre" first reminds of the rainbow hair colors.

Or maybe such wedding cakes:

Or the fingernails... 💅💅💅

Or the fingernails... 💅💅💅
Or the fingernails... 💅💅💅

And even lips...

5. And now the next thing is the color transitions on wedding dresses! 🎉

6. 👰👰👰

7. 🌊👑

8. And the colors aren't only limited to the skirt, but are also seen in the chest part!

9. You can choose your favorite color,

10. And create a great harmony with your partner.

11. 😍

12. And the flowers are a part of the rainbow as well!

13. 🌻🌻🌻


15. 😍

16. 👰💍

17. Why not?


19. 🌊🌊🌊

If it is too bold of an idea for a wedding dress, you can also enjoy this style with your casual white dresses or skirts. 😅

And there are many videos of the making of ombre wedding dresses online.

Go get married! 💃
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