Here Are 27 of the Dumbest Things That Happened in 2018


The best what-the-heck moments:


1. Everyone's favorite song from Queen:

2. I luuuv Italian cuisine:

3. LOL.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio is a great painter tho...

5. Yeah, really?

6. The dangers of undercooked food:

7. Crazy lizards:

8. Tag a twisted f.cking cycle path...


9. Keep calm and carry bean!

10. Duh, it's the famous soap from Fight Club!

11. Synonym rolls look delicious!

12. Another day, another new phobia:

13. Communication issues:

14. Cooking life hacks:

15. Are you fr you guys??

16. Ninig leven, fore sure.

17. Wonder jaw food:

18. Calm down, crazy!

19. Tru dat!

20. What they be sayin, gurl?

21. Have you ever eaten a sterobyd?

22. Finish those damn Aarons!

23. Yeah, yeah, okay.

24. Who the heck is evening boy?

25. Gazoons:

26. He knows.

27. Duh!

Can't wait for more of these in 2019!! Share your comments.

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