Have You Ever Wondered Why Our Hair Goes Gray As We Age?


We don't really give it much thought as to why our hair becomes gray since it's so easy to find hair dye almost everywhere. But really, why does our hair change its color and become gray? Is it just stress like everyone says? Can we prevent it from happening? All these questions demand and answer and we tried to tackle the problem scientifically!

Hair graying is caused by a change of pigment produced by our hair follicles over time.


It is known that this change in the process is caused by our age, environmental factors and stress. But in order to fully understand why we get gray hair, we first need to know how our hair grows and what gives it its color ...

It is the pigments, melanin, which give our hair its color.


These pigments, made up of two amino acids, are produced by a special group of cells called melanocytes. The process of producing these pigments of melanocytes is called melanogenesis. Melanocyte cells are found all throughout our bodies, not just in our heads, and these cells not only give the color to the hair but also give color to our eyes and skin.

The reason for our hair color is all about how and where melanocyte cells unite.


However, exactly how the melanocytes join together and give our hair its color is not completely understood. It is also known that genetics play a major role in determining our hair color. Once the melanin that has gained a certain color is produced by the body, it is transferred to the keratinocyte cells present in our hair follicles and the hair coming out from there is colored by melanin.

Keratinocytes are the place where keratin is produced, the dead protein cells that make up our hair.


Once this process has been explained, let's come to gray hair: The less the amount of melanin in the keratin cell, the grayer our hair becomes and the hair becomes totally gray when the melanin is never found. In short, gray hair is the name given to the hair that has no melanin in it.

Hair graying is caused by multiple reasons.


Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is aging. Over the years, our melanocyte cells start to disappear or become passive, and as a result, the amount of melanin produced by our bodies begins to decrease. Our hair starts to gray after this process, and when the melanin in our body is completely consumed, it becomes totally white.

Other factors that cause our hair to become gray are:


Unusual hormone production triggered by genetic disorders, chronic stress and similar things, imbalances that occur in the production of melanin, exposure to toxins or chemical substances, and climatic conditions can also cause hair to become gray. Stress is the most interesting one among these reasons. Stress can cause DNA damage by increasing the production of certain neurotransmitters in our bodies, accelerating the aging process, causing tumors, mental illness and hair graying.

When and how quickly your hair will become gray changes from person to person.


We said that there was more than one factor for our hair to gray. These factors, all of which we can't account for, determine when our hair will become gray. But we can say that if you are a white human being, your hair will probably become gray color by the time you reach the age of fifty ...

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