Gwyneth Paltrow's Favorite Sex Toys Will Blow You Away!


Just in case you were wondering :)

1. Our beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow took one step forward to reach out to her fans recently!

2. Gwyneth Paltrow has had a beauty and lifestyle newsletter called Goop since 2008. She shares articles about her life weekly. Her last post was very different than the previous ones.

3. She shared her favorite sex toys with her fans!

4. Paltrow, who is 43 and has 2 children, shared her favorite sex toys, including a golden dildo. She calls these "Not-So-Basic Sex Toys."

5. Well, what are they?

6. A 24-karat gold dildo which is worth $15,000...

7. A leather cat whip, the most expensive one!

$535 to be exact.

8. This feather tickler with 50 Shades of Grey vibes, $149.

9. This waterproof vibrator...

10. $190 pleasure set...

11. This vibrator necklace for nipples!

$395 only.

12. This remote vibrator...

This can be controlled by others through its app.

13. And many surprising others...




17. Paltrow gained all the attention with this post. She wrote her following articles on erotic subjects after the success of this post.

18. She goes on surprising her followers by sharing stuff like home made DIY lubricant recipes and intimate details of female orgasm.

19. No one knows why Goop has changed its track into a erotic web site.

20. We'll wait and see what the future will bring to Paltrow's Goop!
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