Flirting Game On: Things You Need To Know If You Want To Flirt With Style

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Our life is based on flirting! Living alone is not for us. It is one of our most basic instincts to find suitable partners and to cooperate with them. Today, we'll try to give you some clues on what you can do if you happen to see the person who you think as 'the one.' Grab a pen and paper, it's education time!

So, how will this be in this challenging modern life? What would you have to do when everyone you like is already taken?

Like this.

Of course, we won't give you tips on how to pick up girls/boys in 10 steps. We will only answer the question "How can you flirt like a pro?''

Remember, these are not individual experiences but are based on research results.

First step: Approach

The first step of flirting is undoubtedly coming closer to that person. It is useful to know that this seemingly insignificant detail is very important.

A study conducted by Fisher and Byrne in 1975 shows that while men don't like being approached from the front, women don't like being approached from the side.

It is believed that this has something to do with personal space.

Research shows that women are more sensitive to personal area violations made from the front. The opposite is true for men.

So we must put this simple psychological fact in our pocket and we shouldn't get it out of our minds when we approach the person we are flirting with.

The second step of the approach lies in your facial expression.

An intimate smile is very important. Asymmetrical and half-smiles are often coded as insincere.

It is also important to lift the eyebrows after the smile. This sends the signal that you're open to social communication.

Don't exaggerate, of course.

Step two: First word and compatibility.

If your approach is accepted, in the second step you have to deal with the cliche of starting a conversation. So what kind of a thing do you have to say so that a dialogue starts and you get talking?

Of course, there's no magic word for that.

In one study, a group of women and men were asked to list the best phrases to start a dialogue with a the opposite sex they didn't know.

The answers were often too much. Men say things like "Is your hair color real? "You look like my ex." "Should we go to your place or mine?" While the ladies preferred things like "Have we ever met before?''

Though they might sound too much or cool, they're not enough to start a conversation 

Step Three: Contact.

Touching is one of the most important steps while flirting. Small physical contact is a sign that the flirting is moving on to the next stage.

In this phase, we won't just talk about touching.

For example, it is very important for the parties to really listen to each other and give key answers to what is said. While they're telling you something, you should really listen and give a strong answer instead of saying "yes, I understand, uh huh."

Laughing and making someone laugh. That's the whole point.

We're not going to go ahead and say women like men who make them laugh but according to a research, if a woman laughs during a conversation, this has a positive impact.

Didn't you like our advice?

Then do as you please and do what is necessary. There are no rules to this game. Maybe yours is the one and only true way.

It's all about happiness, isn't it?

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