Find Out Your Type Of Intelligence From The Way You Use Social Media

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The way you use social media tells a lot about how you think and what kind of logic you use. Explore your brain with this quiz.

Let's start. How frequently do you use social media?

Whenever I have free time.
After I finish work, to wind off.
In the evenings.
There are long gaps when I don't use it.
I don't use social media.

What's your relationship with Facebook?

I'm constantly on Facebook.
It's the first thing I check when I wake up.
Not great anymore. Used to be better.
Only to remember birthdays and keep up to date with events.
I spend weeks not even thinking about it.
I don't have a Facebook account.

How about Twitter?

My favorite!
Only to check on the twitter accounts I follow.
I'm not active but I sometimes lurk.
I like posting long tweets.
I don't use Twitter.

Let's find out what kind of Instagram user you are.

Favorite social media platform!
I look at it sometimes, but don't share many photos.
I'm a Like 4 Like kind of person.
I have an account but whatever. It's not that exciting.
Nope, I don't use Instagram at all.

Which Instagram logo looks better?

The old one.
The new one.

Do you use Snapchat?

Last question. What do you think is the worst part about social media?

It's addictive.
It's damaging to real life human relationships.
It encourages being fake.
It makes us lose our sense of privacy.
It destroys our manners.

You have logical/mathematical intelligence!

You are interested in math, as it's a vast universe. You know its not just about numbers and symbols; it's engrained in everything in our life from daily calculations to our transportation, housing, and the device you are currently looking at. As a logical/mathematical thinker, you are well aware of this significant relationship, which creates a stronger bond with math.

You have an linguistic/oral intelligence!

Isn't it amazing how the simplest sounds combined create expressions that reflect our world, and become the best novels, films and music? They start wars or bring peace. They run the world. And you believe in their magic, as an orally intelligent person. This is why you take great attention to your linguistic abilities and how you write on social media. It's a pleasure for most to read your posts!

You have visual intelligence!

You don't easily forget faces, scenery or photos. You mind is like a visual album where every memory is saved. A beautiful and meaningful picture can tell you a thousand words, and last longer than songs. That's why you are selective with your likes :) Your visual abilities reflect on what you post and how you react to what you see.

You have somatic intelligence!

You are a physical person and think that way as well. The limits and possibilities of the human body amaze you. That's why you have great admiration for athletes, who sacrifice their comfort for physical competition. You learn dance moves fast and can do physically challenging activities better than others. You are also talented in imitating others! You use social media on your mobile because it's not like you to sit still anywhere for any purpose :)

You have aural intelligence!

You can't live without music and listening is how you navigate the world. That's why you follow this passion through social media. You learn and memorize something you heard better than the other senses. Even when you're reading a book, there's a voice narrating it in your head like in a movie.

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