Extreme Fandom: Recreating Taylor Swift Costumes!


Nowadays, many teenagers want to look like celebrities. This is the reason why everyday new celebrity look alikes show up around the internet. 18 year old Taylor Swift fan Lotto Lutjes took this to next level by sewing her own Taylor Swift costumes!

Lotto Lutjes is a 18 year old girl from Holland.

She is a real Taylor Swift Fan.

Her distinctive feature is that she makes her own Taylor Swift costumes.

Lotte has CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) syndrome.


This is a genetic neurologic disorder that makes leg muscles weaker. For this reason Lotte has to use a wheelchair some days. Lotte decorated her wheelchair like a real Taylor Swift fan.

Lotte started sewing clothes when she wanted to wear something special to a Taylor Swift concert 2 years ago.

She got help from her grandmother for her first costume. In time, she followed her interest in sewing and transformed it into a great talent.

She recreated many costumes with her talent in drawing and sewing.

It's hard not seeing her resemblance to Taylor.

Even Taylor Swift is confused. She reblogged Lotto's photo on Tumblr, thinking that it was her own photo.😊

Lotte claims: "There were times that I felt useless. This hobby has introduced a new world to me. These costumes increased my self-esteem. I'm not forcing myself to look like Taylor. This is what I like to do and making these costumes excites me."

Lotte, who is graduating from high school this year, wants to study fashion design. We hope that she'll be successful with her design career!

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