Even Make Up Addicts Are Surprised: Leg Contouring Is Now A Thing!


We can't stop talking about contouring!

Contouring changed our lives completely!


Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian started this craze.


Some claim that Marilyn Monroe was already doing it in the 50s.


We don't know which one is true. However, we are sure that contouring was the most popular make up trend last year.


Some people took it to the next level.


This method is for making your boobs look bigger.

This one is for building your six pack in couple of hours.

Don't think for a second that your hair covers the back of your neck.

Summer is about to come. Legs get their take on contouring as well!

Kullanılan malzemenin bolluğuna ve verilen emeğe rağmen, öncesi ve sonrası arasında çok da fark yok aslında! Zaten olsa da böyle bir yöntemi sıcak yaz günlerinde kim uygular gerçekten hiç mi hiç bilmiyoruz.

This make up artist is applying an easier technique by using a highlighter.

Diğerine göre ise sonuç bir tık daha kendini belli ediyor.

If you ask us, you don't need to go to all that trouble to feel good about your body.


Whatever you look like, don't forget to enjoy life and be happy with who you are.


Life is too short for bothering yourself with your flaws! You are beautiful the way you are!

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