Documenting Nature Isn't That Easy And Here Are 20 Examples To Prove It!


You thought it's easy, right?  It's not like they just go out and Instagram everything they see... duh!!

1. "You gonna make us famous, bro? Gimme the lead in Revenant 2"

2. Well that's not actually what we call a kisscam 😁

3. A different interpretation of Swan Lake.

4. "I told you to buy those 100X zoom lenses!!"

5. "I'm totally on fire"

6. "Haven't you read the sign!!? NO PHOTOS!!!"

7. "We can rotate the pics while editing you know?"

8. That douchebag probably flew away just before the shot.

9. Hunter got hunted 😑😁

10. Your everyday camera delivery guy.

11. "I think that igloo just moved..."

12. It was even more dangerous back in the days.

13. Dude, you sure you wanna do that?

14. Legend says the he is from the prehistoric era.

15. Everyone knows that moving under a ladder brings bad luck.

16. Obviously bears have some issue with photographers.

17. When you disguise a rocket launcher as a camera.

18. He is working for 5 different newspapers.

19. This guy deserves a Pulitzer.

20. "I think someone's following me."

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