Do You Know Why Men Are More Aggressive When Women Are Around?

> Do You Know Why Men Are More Aggressive When Women Are Around?

According to an article that was published in Human Nature, men are less aggressive and compatible when there are no women around. The study suggests that men become aggressive because there are women around.

Researchers first investigated communities where there are more men than women.

Researchers thought that there would be a higher level of testosterone thus more aggression. But the findings prove the opposite.

Because the study proves that in communities where there are more women, men have a more tendency to violence.

For the study, the data of the census back in 2010 was used. After the number of men/women were investigated, with the reports from the FBI, the number of crimes and the number of male/female living in those areas were compared. The crimes included murder, attack, sexual harassment, and rape.

With the results they had, the researchers said:

''According to the results we have, attacks and sex crimes are seen more in communities where there are more women than men. With all this, we see that, in places where there're more men, there is less crime and violence. This information changes the traditional view that if there are more men in a place, the crime rate increases.''

The study proves that men don't have a tendency to violence but this happens because of his need to find a partner and protect her.

Another finding is that, in places where there are more males, the men who are lucky enough to have partners are prone to hold on to the relationship and have a decent family life.

On the contrary, in communities where there are more women, men have shorter relationships and this brings about competition.

Yes, if there are more women in a society, the men in those societies are prone to having one night stands. They start racing with each other to have more partners and this raises the crime rates in those communities.

The researchers say that these findings clear up the previous researches.

For example, the information they had before was that in China, in places where there were more men, prostitution was seen less. But it was the opposite where there were more women.

The researchers say that the measurements taken to prevent violence creates a paradox.

The number of males thrown in prisons increases in countries or states that don't tolerate crime and for this reason, the number of women in society increases. This situation causes more violence to happen. In a way, the governance unwittingly increases the thing they wish to see come to an end.