14 Perfect Alternatives If You Can't Go On Holiday This Summer!


After a long year, who wouldn't want to take a dip in the sea and sunbathe on warm sand? 

This year, things haven't worked out as you planned and you have to stay in.

Instead of mourning, you can create your own vacation illusion at home, and here is how!

1. Use sunscreen.

But  don't swallow.

Sunscreen is the most important component of summer vacations. It will give you the feeling of the holiday you can't have.

2. Smell the beach equipment you used last summer.

Those always carry that awesome smell of the beach.

3. Use any sun you can get. Expose your skin.

It is crucial to feel that burning feeling.

4. Sunbathe on your balcony.

At the end, it is the same sun. So what's all this fuss about?

5. Take cold showers in your bikinis, swimming shorts, etc.

Awesome and energizing...

6. Give into Calvin Harris.

Listen to his latest songs from a bad quality sound system.

7. Find a sea shell and hold it to your ear.

People say that sea shells hide the sound of the sea within. You don't have to be by the sea for this.

8. Watch under water documentaries with swimming goggles.

100% guaranteed to work

9. Take a walk in the fish market.

Fish smell is actually sea smell.

10. Pay $5 for a maximum $2 worth of ice cream, and insist on it.


As we all know, the price of ice cream increases the closer to the beach you go. If you want to experience the feeling, make similar purchases in your climate.

11. Go to the supermarket with flip flops.

Ask if they have inflatable balls, leave the premises among the strange looks people will give you.

12. Eat watermelon and step on the seeds.

This is the actual, literal summer.

13. Get to the next base with the burn cream.

The burn cream you put on your face and back before going  to bed will refresh you. It will give you the feeling that you have been sun burnt in the noon sun and you are looking for a remedy.

14. While you are walking on the street, stop all of a sudden and say "I could actually move here."

But don't forget that you are actually in Detroit.

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