Bump In The Night: A Study Shows That Watching Horror Films Helps You To Lose Weight!


According to a survey done by researchers at the University of Westminster, watching a frightening film helps you to lose weight!

According to study, watching a horror movie has a number of advantageous effects, including burning calories and boosting people’s moods.

Researchers got ten people to watch ten scary films and monitored their heart rate, oxygen intake and output of carbon dioxide.

They saw that some people start to breathe heavily and have their heart rate rise when they're watching horror movies.

No one blames them either cause there are some films which literally make people jump out of their seat.

They found that scary stimuli caused people to release adrenaline.

Richard Mackenzie claims that triggers the nervous system’s fight-or-flight response.

When this response is triggered, the body starts burning fat stores for energy.

It also forces your body to up your metabolism causing you to burn sugar without the need for oxygen.

We're here to help you! Here are the horror movie list that will help you get rid of your extra kilos.

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