What Happens If You Swallow Gum?
What are the harms of swallowing gum? What should I do if my child swallows gum? There are all kinds of myths about swallowing gum. So, what really happens when you swallow gum? Does it really stay in our stomach for 7 years? Can our intestines become blocked when we swallow gum? What happens if we swallow gum every day? We have reviewed them all one by one for you.
10 Best YouTube Workout Channels for Quick and Effective Weight Loss
The pandemic has significantly impacted our fitness routines, leading many people to turn to YouTube workouts and online fitness channels as a convenient and accessible option for staying active at home. Even though gyms have reopened, a lot of people continue to train with online fitness videos. However, with the abundance of Youtube fitness channels available, it can be overwhelming to determine which ones are worth following to achieve your fitness goals. That's why we've done the research and compiled a list of the best channels out there in this article, so you can easily find the right one for you.
7 Health Trends That Will Go Viral in 2023
As we move into a new year, it's interesting to see what trends are on the horizon, particularly when it comes to health and wellness. In the past year, products like coconut oil and collagen have been all the rage, but what will be the next big thing in 2023? We've gathered a list of 10 healthy habits that we predict will be trending in the upcoming year. From diet and exercise to skincare and personal care, read on to discover what health trends are on the rise.
The Impact of Psychological Help: 9 Proofs of Its Importance
Therapy not only improves psychological health, but also enhances the well-being of individuals. Therefore, it is recommended to see your psychologist once a week to improve your quality of life. We all go through difficult times and need support. In such cases, therapists are the right address. Here are 9 proofs of the importance of psychological help!
13 Ways to Cleanse Your Home from Negative Energy
As a guest in someone's home, you may suddenly feel a sense of distress or a weight on your soul. This could be due to negative energies present in the living space. To cleanse these bad energies and purify the house, there are several methods you can try. Let's explore these methods in more detail. We have listed 13 ways to cleanse your home from negative energy!
A Torture Method Developed To Treat Patients In Mental Hospitals: Hydrotherapy
The world of medicine wasn't as advanced as it is today. There have been many different ways of dealing with diseases and sicknesses. But when it was about mental problems, it was probably more difficult than the others because it's not seen like an open wound or a runny nose. Perhaps one of the most brutal methods to treat the mentally ill was hydrotherapy. You can be glad that it's not used anymore to treat patients.
14 Unfortunate People Who Met The Angel Of Death In The Weirdest Ways
There is no good way of dying. But there are some deaths that make people wish it would never happen to them. You can find many causes to die for or maybe your biological time has come. But the deaths in this list have nothing to do with either of them. They're just stupid ways to die. I hope nobody in the world will ever die like any of the ways in the list.
9 Scientific Facts About Breasts That Will Blow You Away
Breasts, boobs, twinnies. Whatever you call them, or whoever you are, whatever your sexual orientation is, we know you love them. So let's know more about these heavenly organs that almost half of the world population has been blessed with. Here are very scientific and surprising facts about breasts to blow you away today.
Your Foot Has The Full Map Of Your Body And Here Is How To Read It
Foot reflexology charts show the location of reflex points on your feet. Through acupuncture and massage, applying pressure at these points can help heal ailments of the body. With some patience, you can learn to read a chart that will show you where the reflex points on your feet correspond to specific areas of your body's anatomy.
Does It Come With A Happy Ending? 18 Things Your Massage Therapist Will Never Tell You!
Many things that come to our minds when we talk about massages or massage therapists are simply wrong. We hear stories (most of which are really just stories, not true at all) and think that all of these happen every time you go to get a massage. But we can tell you straight away that this is not the case. In our piece, we'll share why those things are just myths and 18 situations that massage therapists would never tell you.
The Haunted Hospital Where 63,000 People Died: Waverly Hills Sanatorium
There are a large number of people who enjoy the idea of believing and chasing ghosts and ghost’s tales, and this fanbase is one that seems to grow by leaps and bounds every single year. Are they real, or aren’t they, that is the question? Waverly Hills is one of the most fascinating buildings to be found that stores within its walls many horrible and pain filled memories of a time where it seemed to continuously consume 100’s of lives.  Let's see what might have caused all these tragic deaths.
17 Facts About Sperm That'll Shock The Semen Out Of You!
After some age, every man masturbates. This may not be scientific fact but it's a fact. Some do it more, some do it less, some stop after a certain age, and some continue even after having a sex life. And at the end of every masturbation process, a whitish substance comes out of the man's body and it's called 'semen.' The funny thing is we were all inside semen once. But do we know everything about this thing? Well, today we're going to learn many things about it. It's education time!
Human 'Ken Doll' To Get His Eye Color Changed Despite The Risk Of Going Blind!
A plastic surgery addict dubbed 'the Human Ken Doll' is in India for controversial plastic surgery on his eyeballs - despite the risk that he could go blind. Rodrigo Alves, 33, has already spent $513,000 (£397,000) on more than 150 body-changing operations and procedures - including liposuction, six-pack implants, and botox fillers.
17 Creepy Drawings By Schizophrenics To See The World Through Their Eyes
Schizophrenia. The worst among all the other psychotic disorders.Maybe the most complex point a human brain can reach.Not knowing what’s real, not being aware of the disease. Claiming what is seen to be concrete, not accepting the disease. The list goes on, but we could never understand what’s happening in their brain. Not even 10% of it. Until people who are suffering from Schizophrenia drew their concrete reality and other beings in their minds.
16 Weird Body Parts You Have, But Don't Know The Names Of!
Well, you don’t die if you don’t know what hallux or lunula means, but you can definitely show off your sophisticated lingual skills next time you go to the salon to get your nails done.Or from now on, you won’t just hurt your foot or hand or leg, you’ll be able to hurt your purlicue as well...
13 Tongue Twisting Facts About Kissing We Don't Hear Every Day!
We don't have to say kissing is one of the sweetest, hottest things in the world, right? Some people like the 'french kiss,' while others prefer a more innocent one. If you think what is there that we don't know about kissing, let's look at our content and see what these interesting facts are. Whether it's a peck on the cheek or a passionate tongue twister, here's everything you never knew about kissing.
14 Celebrities And The Things That Scare The Hell Out Of Them!
Phobias - we all have them - even celebrities have them. Naturally, the very nature of being a full-time celebrity means you can't just have any old phobias, however. Leave the arachnophobia and agoraphobia to us civilians and check out who has a fear of butterflies, clowns, and algae.
The Most Ruthless Japanese Doctor Known For His Brutal Tortures: Shiro Ishii
War is something that can never be accepted. There's not a good way of dying. But some methods used in wars are worse than others and it makes you wish people hadn't died like that. Before, we shared a listicle about the inhumane act that was done in Nazi concentration camps. In this list, we're going to take a look at one these brutal issues. Here is the dark story of Shiro Ishii that caused massacre using the biological warfare techniques in the Second Chinese-Japanese War and the World War II:
20 Typography Images That Visualize Mental Disorders Brilliantly
Slovak graphic designer Igor Kupec suffered from generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks during his college years. He says that those were the worst times of his life, and later he was intrigued by the idea of visualizing mental disorders with typography, as it would enable him to take the issue from a graphic designer’s perspective. What’s interesting is that he says “I was able to visualize many of them, except the one I was struggling with.”Here are 20 mental disorders and their reflections on the art of typography by Igor Kupec.Descriptions of the illnesses and disorders were taken from Wikipedia.