Brain, Hands or Heart: Which One Rules You?

> Brain, Hands or Heart: Which One Rules You?

Are you a doer and like to get things done right away? Or do you prefer to think twice and do things logically before you make your move? Or maybe you question your emotions deeply before you decide on things. Are you ruled by your hands, head or heart? Let’s find out!

First, pick a game!

Talking about games: Which card suit is your favorite?

Do you believe that opposites attract?

Tell us your favorite way to relax!

Which one of these do you like doing most?

Which one do you feel more comfortable doing?

Which one of these words describe you best?

What is the most important thing you look for in a person?

Finally, pick an advice for you and people around you!

You are ruled by your hands!

You are ruled by your hands!

You are very creative and the way you think is totally different than others. You create such amazing ideas from very basic things. Plus, you don’t need to force yourself to get inspiration, it just happens because you have a constant inspiration in your life. Even a water bottle brings up hundreds of different ideas into your mind. You came to this world to create! That’s why your hands are your biggest supporters and guides!

Your mind is your biggest guide!

Your mind is your biggest guide!

You use your brain like how a professional musician uses his instrument! It’s your biggest assistant and guide. You listen to it in every part of your life and act accordingly. So you always think logically and take steady steps. Plus, your analytic and practical intelligence is so advanced that there’s no problem in this world that you can’t solve! You’re one of those special people who can change the world; and surely you will do it by the guidance of your mind! Never stop listening to your mind and it will never mislead you!

Your heart is your most valuable guide!

Your heart is your most valuable guide!

You’re one of those unique people who listens to their heart! You have such a sensitive soul and a big heart that can accept all the people in this world. You love people and most importantly, you understand them, because your empathy is much more advanced than the people around you. That’s why you can get along with everyone and people always find it relaxing to talk to you. And you know what: it relaxes you incredibly also! Being able to help people is absolutely priceless for you. We need more people like you, you beautiful human!