Boys AND Girls, Here Is What You Should Know About The Evil Vaginismus!

> Boys AND Girls, Here Is What You Should Know About The Evil Vaginismus!

Many women suffer from vaginismus. However, what the general public knows about this common condition is very limited. We thought that we should all learn more about it so that you can help yourself and/or your partner better and don't let it do more damage to your relationship than it should. Here is vaginismus in 13 points:

1. Vaginismus is a sexual dysfunction seen in women. It manifests itself with pain that negatively affects the ability to engage in successful intercourse.

2. The pain that is experienced with vaginismus is caused by pelvic muscles' involuntary contractions and narrowing. This in turn can lead to muscle spasm and a temporary breathing problem which makes breathing not possible.

3. Vaginismus isn't only observed during intercourse. It also creates problems during tampon use and gynecology exams.

4. It can affect any age group. It is one of the most treated sexual dysfunctions.

And it rarely comes back after treatment.

5. The symptoms very from one woman to another, however, the ones below make it easier to diagnose vaginismus.
  • A burning or stinging pain when the vagina is penetrated.

  • Difficult or impossible penetration becomes difficult or impossible.

  • Asphyxia or spasm when there is an intercourse attempt.

  • Long-term sexual pain.

  • Pain when inserting a tampon.

  • Pain during a gynecologic exam.

6. Vaginismus can be caused by emotional or medical factors, or by a combination of both.

7. If you experience anxiety when there is no physical reason; if you are having problems with the way your partner approaches you, or if you have had a traumatic sexual experience in the past; you are more likely to suffer from vaginismus.

Performance or guilt anxiety or your upbringing are also among the psychological triggers of vaginismus.

8. Apart from those, the side effects of some drugs, insufficient foreplay, giving birth and some infections can also lay the physical ground for vaginismus.

Also, menopause, pelvic surgery, decreasing vaginal fluids are among the causes of vaginismus.

9. Vaginismus doesn't affect your arousal in sexual contexts, however, its symptoms can include fear of penetration. The patients may feel the need to avoid vaginal intercourse or sex altogether.

10. There are two types of vaginismus, either of which can affect every woman:
  • Primer vaginismus: patients have never achieved vaginal penetration; they cannot use tampons or benefit from a gynecology exam. 

  • Secondary vaginismus: experience of developing vaginismus a little later in life, after a period of pain-free intercourse.

11. Many people, both men and women are affected directly or indirectly by vaginismus.

12. Diagnosing vaginismus can be a complicated process which could involve more than one expert including gynecologists, physiotherapists, sex therapists, psychologists, and consultants.

The physical exam involves taking a medical history and pelvic exam.

13. Vaginismus is never someone's fault. Most of the cases are successfully solved with the help of experts.

Sex is one of the few things that are supposed to feel good. Accept the fact that pain isn't normal and see a doctor.

Get well soon!