All Hail Gianluca Vacchi, The New Dan Bilzerian Of Instagram


Money, fame, fun.. Some get it more than others. Gianluca Vacchi is the new sensation of Instagram. He is a businessman who knows how to have good time.

He gets compared to Dan Bilzerian a lot, but we think that he is way more sympathetic.

Let's see what you will think!

1. Gainluca Vacchi is an Italian businessman.

2. He's 48 years old.

3. The guy is a millionaire. What else did you expect?

4. He's also a style icon.

5. Money, fame, girls, he's got them all.

6. And of course, a rich man's money is a constant topic of the poor. (That's us)

7. He has 1 million 800 thousand followers on Instagram. Not kidding. 1,800,000!

8. It looks like he's going to challenge the good old Dan Bilzerian.

9. Old Italian soccer player Christian Vieri is one of his bffs.

10. His other bff is Zac Efron. Dayummnn, that picture!

11. He's also married to this gorgeous lady.

12. Her name is Giorgia Gabriele.

13. Naturally, she's a model.

14. The goofy dance video he uploaded on Instagram was watched 4 million 200 thousand times and still counting! Nice yacht choreography btw.

15. His pick of clothes and the overall style is very unique. Love those pink pants!

16. Look at those bracelets! Mesmerizing! How many carats is that?

17. People ask him why he has so many tattoos.

18. Gianluca says "Some people have a dirty soul, some people have dirty body. I chose my body."

19. Fetch!

20. He loves sharing his sexy nudes while bathing!

21. He loves his white underwear too. I wonder how many pairs he has.

22. While we can't see it clearly here, I'm guessing he prefers sexy underwear.

23. I crashed my yacht trying to take a picture, so what?

24. What kind of sorcery is this? What's under the hat? :o

25. Guys I don't want you to get depressed, but look at how long that foam goes. :)

26. Lastly, we want to share another dance routine where Gianluca shakes his goodies.

27. Let's go cry in the corner to get over this post :'(

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