After The Break Up: What Do Guys Go Through Day By Day!


Breaking up sucks, period! However, each side goes through series of feelings and it's obviously hard for both guys and girls. This time, we give you what guys go through after the break up...

1. Hour 1: Sobbing...

2. Hour 3: Strong urge of turning back!

3. Hour 4: The “WTF have I done." phase.

4. Hour 5: The “WTF I’m gonna do?” phase.

5. Hour 12: The why is this happening to me moment!

6. Day 1: Denial...

7. Day 1 Minute 1: Writing long text messages.

8. Day 1 Minute 2: Erasing these text messages.

9. Day 1 Hour 1: No I shouldn't call crysis

10. Day 1 Hour 2: Calling the lover's best friend.

11. Day 1 Hour 2 Minute 2: Calling his own best friend.

Best friend might refer to alcohol.

12. Day 2: Going through all those sweet memories.

13. Week 1: The Anger and “Glad that it’s over.” moment!

14. Week 2: Embracing the fact of breaking up.

15. Week 3: New resolutions.

16. Month 1: "I'm over it dude."

17. Year 1: "Maybe I'm not."

18. Year 5: Seeing the ex with his/her new happy life...

19. Year 10: Reading this post and thinking about him/her!

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