A Mother Gave Birth To A 3-Legged-Baby In India And Had To Go Through A Painful Surgery!


Srilatha Kanchanapally, who gave birth on 21st March in India, had to be referred to another hospital for surgery. Because of an anomaly seen in 100,000, the baby was born with 3 legs. According to Dailymail, the operation was carried out in a hospital in Hyderabad on Friday, and the doctors removed the extra leg.

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Srilatha Kanchanapally, 25, delivered her daughter on March 21 at Jangaon district hospital, Telangana.


But there was a very rare birth anomaly in the born baby. The baby came to the world with 3 legs.

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Srilatha found out about the deformity during a routine scan in December.

Doctors reckoned the limb was from a 'parasitic twin.'

Dr. K Srinivas, who helped with the complex delivery said, 'The extra limb was protruding from the child's pelvis area can be surgically removed.'

'Other than the extra limb, the baby was born with healthy vitals and she is in good health.'

Dr. Ramesh Reddy, head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery at Niloufer Hospital added, 'It's a rare occurrence, seen one in 100,000 births.'

'It is a case of parasitic twin wherein technically a conjoint twin with regress having only rudimentary structures like a limb gets attached to the body of a well-formed twin.'

'I was very confident that the doctors would be able to find a way to operate on the unwanted limb. They didn't disappoint us. They are God-sent to us.'

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Her husband, Sambaih, added, 'We are thankful to the doctors who operated on our baby. The feeling that she would grow up as a normal child fills my heart with joy.'

'Initially, I didn't know where would I arrange the funds for the treatment.'

'But the doctors convinced me that I won't have to pay a single penny for it as the operation is happening at a government-run hospital.'

'We were happy to have been blessed by a baby girl, but her deformity was a cause of worry for us. But now both the mother and the father are happy.'


Last month in February, a child in India was born with 4 legs and 2 sexual organs.


This male baby was also diagnosed with a very rare illness, which is polymeric, which means extra limb. He was treated with surgery and is now in the process of recovering.

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