A French Girl's Story Of Drowning To Being "The Most Kissed Face Of All Times"


Anyone who has had CPR training had to 'kiss' the first-aid mannequin. However, not many people, (if any at all) have thought about where that face comes from and more importantly, whose face it is. Well, we are about to tell you the very interesting and spooky story of a French girl!

Thousands of first aid mannequins have been produced around the world and they mostly have the same face.


This face originally belonged to a real person! A Parisian girl who lived during the end of the 1800s.


Nobody knows who she was. The only thing that sticks with you is that mysterious smile on her face.


Her original name is L'Inconnue de la Seine, which means "The unknown woman of the Seine."


Her body turned up in the river called Seine, which divides Paris in two. She was never identified. Hence, her name...


When her body was brought to the morgue, there wasn't any deformation observed on her body; which led the authorities to conclude that she had committed suicide.


Considering her smooth skin, they estimated that she was around 16 years old.


The doctor in the morgue was so touched by this mysterious and beautiful face that he made a plaster cast of her face.


And later on, many copies of this mask were made, and it became popular among the Parisian bohemians. It even inspired poets and authors!


Author Albert Camus compared this face and smile to that of the Mona Lisa!

A toy manufacturer had the idea of making a CPR dummy using her face's mold. And that's the reason she ended up being "the most kissed face of all times."


Thousands of examples, only one face... The unknown woman of the Seine with an enigmatic smile who wasn't older than 16...

Spooky, isn't it?

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