A 13 Step Grooming Guide For Guys To Up Their Game!

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Men love to talk to women about make-up, beauty, waxing, etc. But it’s always hard whenever they need to groom themselves a little.

We don’t know where you guys heard that women like messy men, but you’re not in the right direction at all. You can benefit society by taking that one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. PLEASE!

1. Roll-on, deodorant and cologne are not your enemies.

And please don’t buy fake ones; pay some money for original fragrances and try to smell nice. And you’ll understand the importance of roll-on once you get into the bus.

2. You may only be getting your hair cut once a month, but at least groom the back of your neck once a week.

Maybe you don’t realize it because you don’t see it, but they sometimes your neck becomes disgusting. Please do it yourself or go to a barber shop once a week.

3. There’s no way that you don’t see the hair on your cheeks!

We don’t know how you shave but we kindly ask you to find another solution for those stupid hairs coming out of your cheeks. Sometimes we can’t focus on what you’re saying just because of them.

4. The hair coming out of your nose and ears is also legendary.

A problem that you can get rid of by burning or cutting them with mustache scissors. We really don’t get why you make that problem so big(!).

5. Is it a men’s tradition not to cut your nails until they get dark?

Your nails filled with dirt will make us sick in public transportation, when you wave to the cab, walk on the road, clearly everywhere. You should have 10 minutes to cut them, right?

6. A moisturizer hand cream won’t kill you.

If a flaked and cracked hand is not your point of interest, please stop torturing both yourself and the ones around you.

7. Plucking eyebrows is not something special for girls, you just need tweezers.

You don’t need to take them all, but you should intervene a little.

8. It shouldn’t be hard to change your underwear every day?!

First, you take the dirty ones off and put them in the laundry bag, then you take a clean pair from the drawer and put them on. Look, it’s actually simple!

9. I really can’t find any logic in having yellow teeth at all..

You just need to give 2 minutes to it once in the morning and once before going to bed. I’m sure you’re also not happy to carry some donut in your teeth for 3 days. Don’t ask me why I don’t look at your face when you talk!

10. Stubble beard and disgusting beard are not the same things.

Stubble beard is a style, it’s not when it’s dirty, messy and disgusting. There are hundreds of machines that you guys can use to give it a good shape; get one please and save us from the look you have like this tragically failed restoration.

11. Why don’t you try to find a solution for the hair on your shoulders before you say things like “Eww your arms are so hairy.”?

Ok, maybe you think a man with hair is normal, we got that, but that also has to have a limit, right? Which women find it attractive when you have hair all over your back?

12. We don’t expect you to make stylish combinations, but I think at least we have the right to expect you to be clean.

We have the right to ask you to wear clean clothes as being the ones who have to live with you in the same community. We don’t look for fashion, colors, combinations, but at least keep your clothes clean. Are you off-roading every morning before you leave home or something?

13. We also don’t expect you to change shoes every day, but they have solutions for smelly feet.

Lotions, powders, odors, everything for the health of your feet and our noses. Please look for solutions for your sweaty feet.

Bonus- By the way, get rid of those black, khaki, brown socks.

A little color will be good for us.

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