9 Types Of Physical Pain Turning Our Lives Into Hell!

> 9 Types Of Physical Pain Turning Our Lives Into Hell!

Everyone knows that even a small bruise or toothache can make your life hell somedays. Here's a list of the worst physical pains that we wish nobody has to go through!

1. Toothache

Toothaches are very very sneaky. They can show up out of nowhere and can turn your life to hell in just a few seconds. You might think that it is temporary at first glance, but it's probably gonna stick for a while. Toothaches can be very disturbing, so be prepared.

Our solution: You can pull out your tooth with tools like nippers, pliers, bottle openers or better whatever you wish... Don't show any mercy.

2. Migraine

People around you will soon notice that you've gone to the Dark Side after they've seen what you are going through. You'll soon wish to be in a darker place, as the light is your enemy. Those flashlights before your eyes and that ineffable pain are literally a burden for you. 

Our solution: Hit your head on the closest wall...

3. Menstrual Cramps

3. Menstrual Cramps

To all of our sisters out there. We know what you're going through. This pain starts with has indicative symptoms such as sugar cravings, cold feet and the need to rest in the fetal position. This pain causes a lot of emotional and psychological chaos, but you have to be patient. This too shall pass.

Our solution: Fill your bathtub with chocolate and dive in. There is no problem that chocolate can't solve.

4. Soccerball aimed at your testicles

If you are a guy and you're wondering what menstrual pain feel like, you should consider trying this. Take a soccer ball and ask your friend to aim at your own testicles. If you managed to survive after this, you'll be much more empathetic towards menstrual cramps.

Our solution: Go to the closest bench and pee. You'll feel a lot better.

5. Kidney Stones

5. Kidney Stones

For those who suffered from kidney stones once in their life would know that this can not be compared with anything else. Trying to describe this pain is probably impossible. Your doctor would suggest that you drink plenty of water. There is no greater pain on earth that can be attempted to cure with plain water. 

Our solution: Drink plenty of water and imagine you don't feel any pain while you pee.

6. Waxing

For those who would like to experience what waxing feels like, try pulling a single hair from your nose. Are you with us now? Good. Imagine that this pain is allover your legs. Good, now your multiply it with 5. Now, you're talking. 

Our solution: Adapt a body positive approach, embrace your body hair. Maybe?

7. When you hit your little toe on the table leg

7. When you hit your little toe on the table leg

This pain is the one the most unbearable things that humankind goes through. Many of these happenings end with broken tables or punches in the wall. This pain makes you question the reason for the existence of that little toe.

Our solution: Either throw your table from the table or amputate your toe, choose the one that suits you best.

8. Labor

8. Labor

This one pain is exceptional because it has a good cause. You create a person from scratch. If you compare labor with kidney stones, you earn a baby rather than stones. We're trying to follow a positive approach here.

Our solution: Punch your partner, who is trying hard to calm you down by saying 'It will be okay, dear.'

9. Paper Cuts

You wouldn't be in as much pain if you cut your own arm with an axe. The worst part is those papers are home to the most beautiful and most intelligent words that are out there. Yet, it simply tears you down by cutting your skin.

Our solution: Hit your knee with a solid object. This will successfully distract you from the paper cut.