A 99-Year-Old Woman Who Got Arrested To Complete Her Bucket List


99-year-old Annie had a plan of being handcuffed and arrested. To help her complete her bucket list, the local police force was more than happy to help her. According to Boredpanda, she was really happy to be arrested. Let's see what she did to get arrested.

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Annie is exactly 99 years old and she's as cute as she can be.


Annie had a plan on her bucket list to do before she died, to get arrested.


Her local police department was happy to help and went all the way to her house to put her in handcuffs.


The incident happened in Holland and the video was published on the police department's web page. They did it so everyone could be happy for Annie and get some joy from her.

Annie was “briefly allowed” to sit in a cell with fastened handcuffs.


We're sure Annie has a lot more crazy things on her bucket list!

We hope that you complete your list before you pass away.

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