8 Relationship Types Depending On Where You Have The First Date!


Where did you first meet your partner? Could this be a sign of something bigger? Let’s have a look!

1. Mall

Your relationship is a popular, momentary one. We are sorry, but your relationship won’t last long. It will be drained away quickly, while you slowly run out of things to talk about. Being in a mall, where everything is all crammed together, shows you are both a bit lazy. You can change your idea and do something else at any given moment; maybe a movie, meal, some shopping or fun. It shows that your relationship will change its direction just as fast, too. You try to know each other better, but at a mall date, it’s hard. One side is always dominant in your relationships. Either you, or the other side!

2. Cinema

You immediately shut yourself in a dark, quiet and gloomy cinema. This means your relationship will be sort of closeted, surrounded by a mist of uncertainty. Other people’s opinions about your relationship will mean a lot, and you two might hurt each other over this. You won’t get to talk much but if you do, you won’t be able to maintain a long conversation.

3. Café

You are going to have, or are already having, a regular relationship. You two seem like you both figured out relationships from books, and obviously you don’t have much experience. You are trying to do the things people deem right. Stereotype, regular, maybe even a dull relationship definition does not bother you. There are no surprises and no shocks. You are afraid of trying new things, and you are both jealous!

4. Fast Food Chain

Seriously? First date at a McDonald’s or Wendy’s? Suffice it to say, your relationship will be just as fast as your food, because you can’t stand certain things for long. You rush everything, and want to consume it all rapidly. You love popular culture, and this eventually becomes an issue in your relationships. Maybe if you really find the right one, you can start changing. But until then, viva la fast consumption!

5. Park

You value your relationships. Short or long term, every relationship means something to you. You don’t have a relationship with someone just because you can, you want to learn something from that relationship, too. You want to leave certain marks on the other person. Once your relationship ends, you don't try hard to forget, because you think every memory should be remembered, and remembered peacefully. This is why the flow and feel of the relationship is more important to you.

6. The icon of the city

You are devoted, and you show a lot of effort during the relationship. You don’t like being lazy, but you are not very good at organizing creative meetings, either. You sometimes prepare a lovely surprise for them, but you always give up after they beg, and you reveal the surprise. Such a party pooper! You love spending time together, but one of you often puts their priorities above the other, which is a problem. If you try and be more creative and respectful to each other, it’s a go go!

7. We walked all day

Wow you guys had a LOT to talk about, for sure. You like telling stories, talking about different things and making jokes. People always say that talking is the key to a healthy relationship, especially when you are getting to know each other. But keep in mind, the other party might be getting bored as the time goes by. If you find someone perfectly matched to your talking pace, hold them tight!

8. My workplace/school

You will easily end up getting married. It’s destined when people meet at their workplace or where they study. You don’t expect much from the relationship, which is a big plus! You have simple needs, and simple understandings of a healthy relationship. When someone fulfills these needs, you immediately want to marry them. All we can say is congratulations!

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