8 Fairy Tale Characters That Can't Possibly "Live Happily Ever After!"

> 8 Fairy Tale Characters That Can't Possibly "Live Happily Ever After!"

Cinderella, Pinocchio, Hansel and Gretel, and many others... How do they manage to go through all these terrible things and live happily ever after? We are not sure we understand.

1. Cinderella

1. Cinderella

Mother dead, dad got married to a cruel woman. 2 stepsisters that won't stop bothering her. Everyday she is dealing with chores. Above all this, she doesn't even have a bed. She is lying on the kitchen floor. Her dad is never around. Then there's a ball (Yes, weird). She has to trust some weirdos to go to that ball. She falls in love with the prince she met at the ball. She has to be home before midnight so she leaves the party early. On the way home, the spell is broken. Somehow, she manages to steal the prince's heart. Prince doesn't give up, though her stepsisters try to prevent their union. In the end, she marries with the prince and they live happily ever after. But HOW COME? Is Cinderella sane after all these random things that happened to her? We don't think so.

After all the torment she's been through, she either runs away from the palace or gets postpartum depression. We should be grateful that she didn't turn into a serial killer.

2. Snow White

2. Snow White

Another victim of a stepmother. Okay, so Snow White runs away from the hunters that want to rip her heart out. She then meets the seven dwarves in the woods. We have no clue what they are doing in the forest. She is poisoned to death, because, duh, she is beautiful?! And then, a prince shows up and brings her back to life with his kiss. The prince did not ask a single question about her past, and they got married. Come on Prince. What the hell?

-Snow, why did your step mother want to kill you?

-Because I have killer looks ha ha...

So very random.

3. Rapunzel

3. Rapunzel

Now, let's imagine that your parents gave you away to the local witch. You grow up somehow and find your parents. You confront them.

-Why did you leave me? Why did you give me to that witch?

Well, sure you want a decent answer- An answer like 'the witch kidnapped you and threatened us with taking your life.' But NO.

-We stole lettuce from her garden, she wanted you in return. We had to.


So you find out that you're only worth as much as a lettuce to your parents. Following, you had to live in a castle, trapped, all your life. Plus your hair is around 2500 inches long. Even this is enough for Rapunzel to go out of her mind. However, Rapunzel chooses to find happiness through a guy that has climbed her hair to rescue her. We're having hard time getting this scenario.

4. Sleeping Beauty

4. Sleeping Beauty

Another victim of bad parenting. So your father makes a mistake and your life is doomed. You lived your whole life sleeping in a room. Years go by, and you come back to life with the kiss of a stranger. How does that strange prince knows that you might wake up after the kiss? Another mystery. 

Because she's been sleeping like forever, she doesn't want to miss out things anymore. So, of course she is immediately marrying that random savior. Even worrying about how she is going to wake up when she falls asleep is enough for Sleeping Beauty to be restless all her life.

5. Red Riding Hood

5. Red Riding Hood

A single mom. No one knows where dad is. 

So this mom wants her daughter to go through a wild forest alone. Why does that crippled grandmother lives in a forest? We don't want to know. What does Red's mother do instead of taking care of her own mother? She has serious important stuff, if you ask us.

And then, you know the story. Everything ends up in a wolf's stomach. Grandma and Red Riding Hood manage to survive through digestion. Yes. They run away from the wolf's tummy with the help of a hunter who carves open the wolf's stomach. And they live happily ever after.

6. Pinocchio

6. Pinocchio

Geppetto's first mistake is to forgive Pinocchio when he runs away from school to visit the circus. Pinocchio sold his coat to buy circus tickets. This was the beginning of the downward spiral that put Geppetto in a whale's stomach.

So Geppetto hoped that Pinocchio would be a good spirit if he turned into a real human being. Sorry Geppetto.

7. Hansel and Gretel (and their dad)

7. Hansel and Gretel (and their dad)

-Dad why'd you leave us alone in a forest?

-Because your step mom told me to do so.

-We are your children. Why didn't you refuse? Why?

-I don't know son, it felt right at that moment.

-So you wouldn't regret your decision if that witch ate us?

-I don't know, I haven't really thought about that much 


Is that really what happened? A guy who leaves his children alone in the forest is easily forgiven. Did they give away all the gold that they stole from the witch to this guy? And they lived happily ever after? Really? Let's hope that he doesn't do the same thing for another woman.

8. Frog Prince

8. Frog Prince

-'I can't stand this.'

Said the princess

-'I can't stand seeing you as a frog in my dreams.' 

Prince repeated sadly, 'This is because of the spell. Isn't there a way to forget that?'

-'I'll try my best.' said the princess. 'However, I can't help it.'

Okay this is where things get messy. Which woman on this planet is able to forget her BF's past? Like frog-human transformation is a normal thing, they claim that they lived happily ever after. We are not sure how they can do it. Just be grateful that the princess has not gone crazy.