5 Types Of People You'll Definitely See In Every Game/Game Table!

> 5 Types Of People You'll Definitely See In Every Game/Game Table!

Buzzkills are everywhere, even when you're at the beach having fun playing cards with your friends or at the Casino Royale, like 007! 

The five types of people you’ll see in every game/game table can be enough to send anyone back to the games that you play by yourself. Of course, these people can somehow manage to show up there as well. They're just that good...

1. The Winner - People Who Care Too Much About Winning the Game

The winners...We all care about the game, but we understand that it's just a game. We all made it through that unit of kindergarten, but not these people. 

They strut around and seem to feel like their victories at the blackjack table somehow represent their general status as the victors at life. 

Basically, they think that blackjack is life, and that's never a good sign. Their every gesture is about how they just deserve to win, and if we don't understand that, then we may as well be breaking the rules.

2. The Careless - People Who Don't Care Enough About Winning

Some people are basically just there to socialize and they don't seem to notice the big gaming table that's all around them. 

They end up distracting everyone who is trying to win at least a little. For the people who care too much about winning the game, these people are the ultimate obstacles. Everyone else just wishes they'd get bored and leave.

3. The Newbie - People Who Don't Understand the Rules of the Game

Constantly having to educate everyone else at the table on how to play the game is frustrating at the best of times. You feel like you're their teacher, and they're not even paying you. 

In fact, since they're cutting into the time you could spend winning, they're taking money away from you. This behavior is getting less and less tolerable in the Information Age. You keep trying to direct them to a website that will explain it all so it can do the teaching for free instead of you.

4. The Denier - People Who Can't Handle the Truth

Regardless of what the game is, you're going to lose sometimes. If you bet a large sum of money in the process, you're taking a big risk. You have to understand that going in, and a lot of people still don't. 

Of course, some people don't even care about the money. They imagined themselves winning and it didn't happen. There's part of you that wants to tell them that they actually did win secretly just so you can restore the peace.

5. The Hunter - People Who Treat Games as Speed Dating Services

These people have seen all of the wrong casino movies or movies that feature games. Just because some characters managed to meet that way in a movie doesn't mean that they're going to start a life of romance with one of the people who's next to them playing poker. This is the kind of thing that can lead you to claim your Red Flush welcome casino bonus

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