32 People Who Have No Idea What "Better Safe Than Sorry" Means!


Thank you people. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have "fail" memes.

1. Insta Eye-Surgery.

2. "Hey Loki! Catch!!"

3. Slippers gonna slip.

4. I hope he's strong enough to lift that car.

5. Best place for a trampoline.

6. "Captain, we have a problem"

7. "Could you hand me that toothbrush?"

8. Somebody should save that cat.

9. That day, Jane was on fire.

10. "Stairway to Heaven"

11. Please tell me there is a video for this.

12. Just like those emotional reunion moments.

13. Oh man....

14. When you are not good at converting feet to meters 😕

15. Bye Aunt May... 😅

16. This artwork is called: "I'm too lazy for this sh.t"

17. Parenting gone wrong! 😢

18. Rock n don't roll please.

19. Be carefu..!!! Nevermind... 😕

20. That slide surely doesn't like children.

21. Just your regular everday f.ck boys.

22. I really need to find out if she was able to catch him 😱

23. Workplace security awareness level: - 1000 👊👍

24. Snow white transformation begins in 5 😱

25. "Another victim of dodgeball"

26. If you listen closely you can hear how they swore afterwards 😁

27. Drink... I order you to attack!

28. It's painful to look at this one. 😣

29. Revenant: Behind The Scenes 🐻

30. This is self-explanatory

31. Do you really need to put that on Instagram?

32. "I'm no superman.." 😁

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