31 Perfect & Satisfying Photos For Those Who Are Obsessed With Stationary!


We all have our weak spots and obsessions. Some love cars, some decoration and arts, some sports, some cooking and food, and some are in love with stationary. 

If you also lose your mind when you enter a stationary store, you will also love these perfect photos of stationary!  Enjoy the images we found on BuzzFeed.

1. This awesome array of blue!

2. These notes are so beautiful that they can make anybody love Biology class.

3. The super cute sticky-notes you won't be able to bring yourself to use!🍎🍎🍎

4. The harmony of opposite colors!😍

5. This completely finished pen...

6. And this paper section!

7. This almost looks miraculous!

8. The pen that was recycled from a water bottle and its water-bottle shaped shadow!🤔

9. A flawless ink drop.

10. I wish it went on forever....

11. Good job!


12. Look me in the eye and tell me you haven't enjoyed this!

Or is there something wrong with me?

13. 😍

14. If hearts have to be broken, at least let hem be broken like this! ✏✏✏

15. How these clips are aligned....

16. A weird satisfaction? Or still not?

17. Still not?

18. If you still don't feel it, try this:

19. The pillars of this school!

That weird moment when schools look cute.

20. 🌈🌈🌈

21. This 'stationary' staple.

22. These pens that double in nib size each time.

23. A frame of happiness!

24. A perfectly sharpened pencil!

25. 😍😍😍

26. These pencils are made from old newspaper!


27. This awesomeness that becomes 5415164687 times more attractive when organized according to color.

28. Wall painting that looks like a pencil! 🙄

29. And these light fixtures... Do they remind you of something? ✏✏

30. Elegant!

31. We have saved the coolest one yet!


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