28 Construction Projects Completely Screwed Up!


Ok we all make mistakes from time to time and these mistakes differ from job to job. When it's architecture and construction, the size of the mistake becomes gigantic! They didn't just make a mistake, they ruined the whole job! Seriously, just check ONCE what you've put together...

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com

1. The architect who did not take shadows into account

2. The architect who got the concept of public toilets all wrong.

3. The architect who needs to learn how wheelchairs actually work.

4. This one too.

5. The architect who thinks flying cars are real.

6. The architect who could have sworn that chimney wasn’t there before.

7. The architect who couldn't care less about the aerial view of its building.

8. The architect who totally forgot how ceilings work.

9. The architect who must have felt imposed while putting in that last window.

10. The architect who didn’t have any room in the budget left for a staircase.

11. The architect who ran out of windows just a little too soon.

12. The super-tall architect who forgot that not everyone is like him.

13. And the really short architect who forgot the opposite.

14. The architect who can’t stop mixing up windows and doors.

15. The architect who is really eco-friendly!

16. This one too.

17. The architect who thinks you should have to work for it if you want to make it to the top.

18. The architect who makes you wonder which school she finished.

19. The architect who really wishes she could pass through walls.

20. The architect who shouldn’t be designing playgrounds.

21. The architect who is extra concerned about privacy.

22. The architect who needs to take statics class one more time.

23. The architect who’s thinks you should buy a motorcycle.

24. The architect who should really learn what happens when water meets electricity.

25. The architect who assumed no one would actually want to enter the store he was designing.

26. The architect who thinks you should just take the bus anyway.

27. The architect who thinks a little effort wouldn't hurt.

28. And the architect who totally nailed this staircase.

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