27 Ridiculously Adorable Puppies!


What could be better than a puppy? A bunch of puppies!!


We ran into these petite, awkward and funny puppies on BuzzFeed.

1. This tiny pup got stuck on the door because of his fat belly, now questioning his life!!

2. Guess he didn't like his photo taken.

3. This lovely pooch is stuck, even though he seems like he's sleeping. ^^

4. This one thinks he can remove the glass by licking it!!

5. Achoo!!

6. Let me go outttsidee!!

7. Wait I’m comi- OH NO

8. This furry friend looks comfy there!!

9. :'(

10. Excited little baby.

11. Who farted??!

12. LOLL

13. Fluff ball 😍

14. He got stung by a bee ☹

15. Doghouse means something different to him.

16. Thief alert!!

17. That's the weirdest place to sleep…

18. This curious fluffy friend ^.^

This curious fluffy friend  ^.^
This curious fluffy friend  ^.^

19. Can I help you??

20. Cute puppies looking for gold in the wrong place.

21. He’s offended :(

He’s offended :(
He’s offended :(

22. I’m fine.

23. I’m soo hungr- OUCH!

24. He is the real epitome of cuteness

25. Where did everybody go?

26. Things went a little wrong.

27. That smile THO +.+

.. I mean, look at this!

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