25 Ways To Make Your Children Enjoy Reading


There are so many distractions out there that it's hard to find quality time for reading. If you are worried that your little fella doesn't read books, these tips will help them enjoy reading!

1. Make a good beginning and start reading to them before they are born.

It's never too early to start reading. It's as essential as the other nutrients.

2. Don't wait for them to go to bed to read. Make reading a daily activity.

Why not start the day off with reading?

3. Always carry a couple of books with you. You never know when you'll have the opportunity to read.

4. Put some reading activity in all your game days.

Make game plans that they can enjoy and put some reading sessions into these. If they have fun at these activities, they'll probably come back for some more.

5. Do family reading sessions.

6. Join events that include reading books.

You can join these events with all of your family.

7. Act out the character when you are reading out loud.

8. Find books that match their interests.

For example, if they are into science, buy childrens' science books. This will motivate them to read more.

9. Read what they are reading.

This will make you spend quality time together.

10. Do not limit them with printed books.

Newspaper, magazine, e-book, kindle, comic books... Let them read whatever they want.

11. Buy books as presents.

Instead of buying that toy on their birthday, buy them books. You will show them how important books are with your behavior.

12. Ask them to write their own stories and bind them into a book.

13. Transform reading into a sibling activity.

Older siblings are good role models for the younger ones.

14. Don't use reading as a punishment.

This will turn them away from reading.

15. Make them see you when you are reading.

Remember that you are their ultimate role model. They are going to imitate your actions.

16. Take them to bookstores and libraries.

Talk to them about books you like and make them pick their own books.

17. Take breaks when the story peaks.

This will guarantee the next reading session.

18. Choose books that matches their interests.

19. Teach them to be nice to books.

Show them how they should take care of their books. Tell them to put in bookshelves when they finish reading.

20. Give them small treats after a reading session.

Extra play time or their favorite snack... This will motivate them to read more.

21. Create or join a book club with your friends.

Gather your friends and their children and create your own book club. Choose a book and start reading it together. When you finish the book, make everyone in the club talk about it. Let your children choose the next book.

22. Store your books on bookshelves.

This way, they can choose their books whenever they want.

23. Surprise them!

Put your own notes in a book you've previously read and share this with them. This will excite them!

24. Transform your happy memories into flip books.

25. Plan a family project that includes some serious research.

This way you'll spend time together as a family to complete this task.

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