25 Reasons Why You Should Call Your Dad Every Day!


So you think you really need a reason to call the man who literally created you (together with your mom, obviously), and always cared and worried about you, no matter how upset he is? You probably remember all those times you were home way too late and he yelled at you like "This is not a hotel! You may NOT show up any time you like, young lady/man!" Though, you know he was actually happy inside that you were back safe. Remember that he was your childhood hero and always prioritized your wishes before everything else.

Please call him, now!

1. He wants to know what you're doing, just doesn't know how to ask.

2. When you're calling mom all the time, he's bound to feel a little left out.

3. He needs to be reminded how much you love him...

4. ...And that he's still your hero.

5. He helped make you. So, the least you can do is call your dad, who has always been there.

6. He worries about you more than anyone else.

7. He'll always be better than any close friend.

8. You'll always be his little champ / baby girl.

9. He taught you almost everything you know about life.

10. He won't be around forever...

11. You need him to set you straight... And you will need him more.

12. Sometimes he will answer when you call mom; make sure to tell him you love him before asking to speak to her.

13. Because he makes you feel safe.

14. No matter how deep trouble you're in, he's the only person in the world who will always be there to help you solve it.

15. You'll always need his advice and opinions.

16. He'll listen to you rant about whatever you want to rant about.

17. Sometimes you just need some extra money.

18. He thinks you're the most perfect person in the world.

19. He's going to love you forever, and that is rare.

20. You need him to explain the contract you're about to sign, or how to pay your bills. He will also give you directions and do all the other small but important things in daily life.

21. He's the wisest life coach you'll ever have.

22. He'll satisfy the need to call your parents, but won't hold you up for too long like mom.

23. He'll tell you which kind of liquor you should be drinking.

24. When you feel down, he’s the best person to talk about bullsh*t with.

Dad is the best for talking about nothing and everything all at once.

25. After all, no matter how old, fabulous and accomplished you become, he will always be your best friend.

Take a little time out of your day, pick up the phone and call dear old Dad. He may not ask you to, but he sure does want you to.

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