24 Things That We Can't Forget And Miss About Pokémon


The theme song was stuck in all of our heads. We would sing it all day long. Some of us even drew the first 150 Pokémons in their notebooks and bragged about it. We challenged each other in art classes to draw the best Pikachu.

Here are 24 things that the kids who had a chance to watch Pokémon growing up miss.

1. We would wait for it to come on TV. When the time came, our heart would start beating faster with the theme song.


2. We would take our place in front of the television and wouldn't notice if the world was coming to an end.


3. It won all of our hearts the minutes we saw Pikachu. ''pika pika''☺


4. We understood soon that it wasn't as cute when it got angry. It would even electroshock Ash when it felt like it.


5. It's not possible to forget the first episode when Ash got Pikachu, and they got off to a bad start, but became friends after Spearow attacked them.


6. Like Ash, we learned which Pokémon had which features with Pokédesk.


It was like smartphone applications when there weren't even cellphones.

7. We all enjoyed watching Misty's breakdowns and Brock's rascality afther Ash met them.


Even though it was difficult, they managed to become a good team with a great friendship.

8. Of course you can't have it without the bad guys. Episodes without Jessi, James and Meowth were a bit missing.


Actually, always hearing the same lines started to bore us a bit.😕

  • Jessie: Prepare for trouble!

  • James: Make it double!

  • Jessie: To protect the world with devastation!

  • James: To unite all people within our nation!

  • Jessie: To denounce the evil of truth and love!

  • James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

  • Jessie: Jessie!

  • James: James!

  • Jessie: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!

  • James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

  • Meowth: Meowth. That's right!

9. Even though they tried to steal Pikachu in every episode, their destiny was set. We knew their balloons would pop and they would get lost in the sky😄


10. The most fantastic part about Pokémon was probably that the cop and the nurse who we thought were the same were actually cousins.


Jenny and Joy 😍

11. Of course Brock never surprised us when he hit on them just like every other girl he hit on.😄


12. Magmar vs. Charizard was probably the best Pokémon battle 🔥🔥


Although Ash and Charizard didn't get along well at first, this battle gave us the performance we wanted.  👊

13. This legendary scene where Ash heated Charizard up with his hands made them become closer.


14. We watched countless epic scenes: For example, that emotional scene when Pidgeotto evolved into Pidgeot and left Ash.


15. We all became more curious as Ash beat other Pokémon trainers and got badges, and was one step closer to winning and catching 'em all.

16. Though most people liked Pikachu best, everybody had different favorite Pokémons. Friends discussed which Pokémon could beat which.


17. Within a short time, Pokémon pogs, cards, and t-shirts became popular world wide and we would spend all of our allowances on them.

18. Ash's, Misty's and Brock's pogs were hard to find, so people who had them were considered lucky.


19. We didn't forget you Gary...He was the guy we all hated because he was a snob and used all the advantages of being professor Oak's grandson.


20. Every kid knew that water Pokémons had an advantage over grass Pokémons, and grass Pokémons had an advantage over electric Pokémons.


21. Though we always wondered why Ash Ketchum and his friends never grew up and their clothes were always the same, we came to the conclusion that this was probably better.👍


22. And when an episode ended, we couldn't understand how the 20 minutes had passed and wished they'd made it longer.


We would look forward to the next episode after seeing ''to be continued.''

23. Even after many long years, the scenes where he said ''I choose you'' will always be remembered.


24. It's obvious that we had a lucky childhood by getting the chance to watch Pokémon.😊


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